Twenty Time Jan 12

Today was very cold, but I still managed to get outside and take some pictures. The focus for today was man made strutures and other things that were not made by nature. One of my favorite pictures from this time was when I took a picture of the DA sign near the parking lot and the commons. I really liked it because when I took the picture at an angle the bricks made a cool design. Another one of my favorite pictures was a picture of a wooden bench. I liked this one because it has so many different lines in it that it creates a really cool pattern. In this picture I like how the shadows from the arm rest fall onto the siting part of the bench, causing a contrast in colors on the bench. Today might not have been the most enjoyable because it was so cold, but I still got lots of good pictures that I am very happy with. Overall this Twenty Time was very helpful and productive.

One thought on “Twenty Time Jan 12

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading about your photography and the different aspects of the photos that you are taking. It’s neat being able to actually hear what it is that you like about your photos. Photography seems very personal to me, and adding the narrative definitely adds to picture. Now, if you just included a photo in the blog it would be ideal. Do remember to edit your work before you publish. Some easy mistakes that I know if you spent a little time reading you’d be able to take care of. Let’s chat about whether we can incorporate some of your thinking along with your imagery?

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