20 time 3/24 i think

I’m not totally sure what the date was, but it was sometime around the 24th. Today, for twenty time, i learned a new song on the internet. I’m not entirely sure what the name of the song was, but it had a sort of a pattern to it: CCCC CCFF CCFF CCGC and that is pretty much the whole song. This was good because that meant that I already knew all of the chords that were in the song. The only issue with this is that I have a lot of trouble counting, so a lot of the time, I lose my place in the middle of the song and I sort of forget what it is that I am doing. The other problem that I have been informed of with my ukulele is that there always seems to be someone, somewhere who thinks that it is out of tune and who considers it to be their duty to help me by tuning it. I appreciate the people who have actually helped me to tune my ukulele, but honestly some people have just made things worse.

Twenty Time 3/24

I worked on my game a lot over spring break, but I have probably only finished about half of the whole game. This is not really good news if I am still planning on doing a game after this one. I am not really sure if I am going to have time to finish both. That said, I do think that what I have done so far with my first game is coming along well. I even programmed one little animation that runs throughout my game. I have started to add a lot of stuff that will make my game feel more like a real game. I kind of have a start game screen, and a screen to jump to a checkpoint in the game. I also added a loading screen animation to make it seem more official. However, the loading screen actually isn’t even loading anything. It looks ok though.

I will definitely have to work on my project more often than just on twenty time days. My plan is to work on the game for the first 25 minutes of my homework time. I will do it at the beginning because if I do it at the end it would be easy for me to just skip it. I think this will be good. It shouldn’t be too hard because it will be a nice time to relax and just do some low stress work. I will see where I am after working like this for about two weeks. Then I will finish planning how I am going to spend my last days of twenty time.

Twenty Time 3/24

I was not in school today because I was at the Palmetto. The Palmetto is a huge golf tournament in Myrtle Beach that the DA team went to from Wednesday to Saturday (3/23-3/26). Teams from all over the country and even teams outside of the US come to this tournament. There are kids from California, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, Canada, and more.

The tournament took place at two different golf courses in Myrtle Beach that are in the same complex as one another. Myrtle Beach is an excellent golfing area with many top courses, but the two courses we played are perhaps the top two in the area. One course is called “True Blue Plantation” and the is “Caledonia Fish and Golf Club”. The courses were extremely hard, but they were so beautiful as well. I really enjoyed playing such nice courses.

The first day of the tournament, Thursday, was a qualifier. This means that it simply placed our green and white team into their respective flights (groups of teams they are competing against). My team was placed into the first flight, which meant we were to play True Blue on Friday for the second day in a row. On Friday our team left the beach house we stayed in at 5:15 am in order to get to the first tee in time for my tee time of 7:30. It was so crazy how it was pitch black outside when I was teeing off. I did not have a very good day and ended up shooting 88, which was still the second best on my team. Friday, my team played at Caledonia. The only issue with this is that we ate breakfast at True Blue and the only driving range is located at True Blue. This became an issue during breakfast when we realized that I was teeing off in 5 minutes and had not even warmed up on the range yet. We quickly drove to Caledonia and made it just in time; however, I was very rusty. I shot: double bogey, bogey, double bogey, bogey, bogey, on the first five holes. That put me at seven over through 5, and I was not too happy at all. I told myself that I desperately needed to par the last four on the front nine, which seemed a daunting task, as I had not come close to a par all day. I stayed strong and did in fact par the next three holes after hitting some good shots. I was on hole nine, a short par three, thinking that I was still seven over through 8 holes (not too great at all). I then stuck the ball to six inches from the pin and sunk the easy birdie tap-in. I was really happy about this, and I was now at six over through the front nine. Right as my hopes picked up, I got to the tenth hole and get a double bogey. Instead of getting upset, I come right back and shoot minus one on the next two holes. I then had six holes left, and I shot one over on the next two. The weather had been awful all day, and on the 15th tee I hear the siren to go back to the clubhouse because of lighting in the area. I went back and hung out with the rest of my team for a while and an hour later we get back out there. I bogeyed both 15 and 16, which actually really upset me at the moment. I told myself I needed to finish strong and that is exactly what I did. I got a solid par on hole 17 and then came hole 18. I was on the tee-box looking at what seemed to be the hardest hole I had ever seen. It was a monster par four surrounded by water everywhere, not to mention the fact that hundreds of people were watching me finish my round from the clubhouse. I hit a beautiful drive the curved over the water and landed in the fairway, but I was still left with a 140 yard shot all over water to the hardest pin location I had ever seen (a section of green only a few feet deep with bunkers in front and behind). I bombed an 8 iron that landed less than a foot from the flag and the crowd roared, but the ball somehow rolled out to 20 feet from the pin. I will never forget the feeling I had while I was lining up my putt (especially because everyone else in my group had played so poorly on the hole that they had “maxed out”. I was trying to focus and read my putt, and I heard people cheering and calling my name from the clubhouse. I stepped up to the twenty footer and hit a perfect putt, I knew it was in. At the last second it stopped right on the edge, and I was left with a tap in par. The crowed went nuts, and I was ecstatic. I ended up with an 80 on the day, which was the best score on my team.

In the end I really enjoyed the Palmetto and my game because this was the first tournament I have ever done, and my second day score was very good compared to others.

Here are my goals: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NhRLUfCMg3DEfZyCKHz9b9kIbfUXSUSoGQsWYgvwmsw/edit

Here is my practice log:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hkw2BGdWCWmKct-CNZZPYFoCZJZ_qBY6Sn9zkkBGfcc/edit

Here is the palmetto results: http://www.golfstatresults.com/public/leaderboards/gsnav.cfm?pg=player&tid=10301

Aerial photo of 18 at Caledonia:caledonia18aerial


Caledonia 18:








True Blue:




Twenty Time 3/24

This twenty time I spent the class learning my groups dance for PE. I missed PE earlier that day, so Ani caught me up with the rest of our group. It was nice to just hang out during twenty time knowing that I had the weekend to work on the minimal homework I had. At home I uploaded photos that I took in Colorado over spring break. I managed to take a couple of nice pictures, however I spent most of my time enjoying the mountains. With the few quality pictures I took over the break, I see that I still need a few back up option pictures.

Moving forward, I need to take a couple portraits of people in order to fill my last word requirements. One of the portraits I will take is going to be filmed (time-lapse) so that I can use it to show my process in my upcoming presentation. Next time I will take picture and evaluate the last steps of my project.

Twenty Time #11 03.24.16

Today, I spent forever going through my photos of my trip (to Southern US) and sorting them into where they were taken so I could keep track of everything. I was expecting to take pictures, but the process took much longer than I anticipated, so the entire class time was used just trying to get my phone and laptop working in sync. Furthermore, I have 600 photos on my phone alone, and more on my mom’s phone (only because she has a newer phone and a nicer lens). That took longer. When I got home, I had to deal with two phones at once and a laptop that is a little slow when trying to import over 600 pictures.

After I loaded these onto my laptop, I had to put them away from the rest of my photos and delete the ones that just were not supposed to be there because they weren’t needed for the project. Next week, I intend on continuing to go through these, then taking more photos of the school and my home.

I took this at a slot canyon near Page, AZ called Antelope Canyon. It is very photogenic and corporations use pictures from the canyon as screen savers.


March 24th, 2016

Today in twenty time, I was feeling very energetic so I strayed from my basic class routine and did some more pilates infused yoga. I felt the need to work out, and because I feel very comfortable with my class structure already, I decided to have a day where I just did the yoga that I felt like doing. This was extremely helpful, and I had sort of forgotten how yoga can not only be a relaxing thing, but also a great exercise method and energy releaser. So, I did yoga poses that can be seen as basic moves, but with variations to increase the challenge. For example, instead of going into a plank and then instantly going back into a downward facing dog, I held the plank for 30 seconds each time I did a rotation. It was still yoga, just my own personal twist to maximize the effort required for each pose. Next, week, I will go back to my regular teaching yoga routine.

14th 20 Time 3/24/16

This week during my twenty time, I started to edit some of my photos from spring break as well as worked on homework. I went to Turkey and was able to take many photos of a variety of things. I have attached some photos from the trip and they have been lightly edited. I am planning on adding them to the slideshow I am making for the end of the year presentation. In order to make my project stand out from others, I am working on adding as much of a variety as I can. I want to have photos from all types of different subjects. I am hoping by the end of the year I will have a project that shows how I have grown as a photographer and how I have documented my year through photos. I have really enjoyed having this time to work on something that I love. DSC_0580DSC_0099DSC_0311

Twenty Time #10

Today, I took some very interesting pictures. Today I focused on taking pictures of cool plants as they start to bloom. One of my favorite pictures that I took today was a close up of some buds. I liked it because the were very cool looking, and were purple. I liked the way that the green of the leaves on the plants contrasted the color of the buds. Another one of my favorites was a picture of the large tree in the middle of the campus. I liked it because it was just starting to get its buds. The higher up on the tree the more yellow it got. I also took the picture at such an angle that I got the sun in the picture which just made it even better. Overall I think I got a lot done today. I managed to take some very good pictures today. today was a very successful day.

20 time 3-24-26

Today for twenty time I am happy to announce that the tree in the quad has begun to bloom. In addition to that, there was a garden planted in the front of the school and I can’t wait to take pictures of that through the next few weeks as it goes through the early stages of development. There were also little flowers beginning to bloom on a few of the bushes, however, the trees are still not blooming yet so I can’t yet get any pictures of that. I also got a picture of some purple flowers growing in the grass near the double decker. I then took this one photo of the tree in the quad from the side with the sun in the background that shows a bit of the tree beginning to grow leafs and i feel as if there are a little bit of clouds in front of the sun and i got lucky because I believe that I’m probably not going to get another picture like this.

Twenty Time 3/24/16

Today during Twenty Time I studied for a biology quiz and got some of my homework done because I am going to the beach this weekend and I wanted to not have to worry about doing homework. Tomorrow I have a very long car ride so I am planning to make up for the time then. As far as knitting goes it’s pretty much the same. I am still enjoying it and I think it looks really pretty. I read a very interesting article the other say about how good for you knitting is. It helps keeps you finger muscles lose and uses a part of you brain that recognizes patterns. I think it is good for me because knitting gives me something to do with my hands so I don’t mess with things, and it gives me time to think. If I was just sitting and not doing anything I would be bored, but because I have something to do, I am able to focus on my own thoughts. I think knitting has been a very good hobby to take up.