Twenty Time 4/26

I made it a goal for myself at one point to have at least four podcasts for my project, so during the last day of twenty time I was determined to do the work to make a third podcast, even if I would need to do lots of work outside of class. I chose to use the class period interviewing and recording a classmate about their own twenty time project. I hope this podcast will be somewhat comical in tone, which will be different from the rest of my podcasts. Between that class period and the time that I am writing this, I finally was able to record the origami podcast. We had some obstacles in scheduling so we had to push it back a lot, but it is finally done. I still have to to do before I am able to present my project; this weekend I am planning to finish editing the podcasts and post them to the wordpress where I am presenting them. After that, I will be just about done.

April 26, 2016

Today during the class period of twenty time, I worked on my outline for the Things Fall Apart in-class essay. But, when I got home I ran through my final finished product of my class with my mom without stopping. It went okay, but I got stressed sometimes because I  still sometimes struggle with explaining things. Luckily, I am not a professional yoga teacher, so my class doesn’t have to be perfect. But, it was really fun to see how far I’ve come this year. I started Twenty Time knowing the foundation of yoga and the simple poses, but only if I was following along in a class. Because of Twenty Time, I have learned to really deconstruct my practice and expand it as well. I have had the time to break down each pose and really get it right and to figure out how to teach each pose as well. My passion for yoga has grown so much this year. Twenty Time has encouraged me to go to a yoga class every Tuesday (and Fridays/Mondays) if we don’t have school which has helped a lot with learning about teaching. I’m super excited to present my project, but I am worried about what I am going to say because I think the only way I can demonstrate what I’ve learned is to teach and show my practice to others.

Twenty Time 4/25/16

Today Twenty Time was a little bit sad for me because it was the last working Twenty Time. Though I do wish that I had been able to finish my scarf this year, I am not disappointed with my accomplishments and it was fun to be able to knit during class again. I am very happy with the project I chose because I have developed a new hobby that is a little bit better for me than watching netflix or painting my nails ( It is possible to inhale too much nail polish remover), and I have learned a new skill. I am going to try to finish my scarf soon enough to give it to my mom for her birthday, and then I will start on a hat or some socks for my dad. I am able to make people presents that they will enjoy and I will enjoy it while I make things. Overall, I’d say it was a productive year for me in the hobby department of my life.

Twenty Time #11

This twenty-time day was a lot of fun. Most of the plants have bloomed making the landscape very bright and colorful. All of these plants blooming like this also causes there to be lots of pollen all over the place. One of my favorites from this time was a picture of some art someone had made on top of a trashcan. I liked it because people don’t normally like the way that trash cans look, which I think makes this very cool. My second favorite picture from today is one of a wall. That might not sound that interesting, but I got really close to the wall so that in the picture you are able to see all of the cracks and blemishes in the bricks. I like it because it shows how much information we missed because we are focused on looking at the big picture and not at some of the small things. This twenty-time day I had a lot of fun and I really liked the pictures that I took.

Twenty Time 4/26 (LAST ONE)

First eagle ever last week…came on a par 4!

Last Tuesday I shot a 38 at Hope Valley, which was the second best on the team. This enabled me to play in a big tournament the following day. This tournament was a Treyburn and consists of around fifteen high schools in the area. I certainly did not play well at all, but I did have an eagle. It was on a dogleg-right par four. Of course I sliced my drive into the woods on the right (a common occurrence that day), and I left myself with an impossible shot. I was deep in the woods about 145 yards out from the green. Every time that I took a practice swing I could not hit the ground where the ball was, I could only hit the two inch tall root that the ball was resting in front of. I stepped up to the shot (honestly expecting a whiff) and somehow the shot ended up in the hole for an eagle 2. Despite my terrible score as the #6 guy, we still dominated the tournament. In fact, we beat the second place team by a total of 16 strokes.

Today I am looking forward to an 18 hole home match, and then later this week (on Thursday) we will be having at 18 hole away match against North Raleigh Christian. I am getting very excited to be a part of some more huge tournaments (such as the State Championship) as the season comes to an end.

I am also getting so excited about playing in tournaments this summer. Below you can see the schedule that I have so far, but don’t worry, I will be adding some more. It should be a lot of fun, and I would love for some of you guys to come out!

Here is my practice log:

Here are my goals:

Here is my tournament schedule this Summer:

20 Time 4-26-16

Today is sadly our last twenty time in class. I took some really great pictures and feel like I have gotten better at taking pictures over the course of the year. Not only have I gotten better at taking pictures, but I have also learned a lot about the seasonal changes of trees over the course of the year. Today however, I captured some pictures of sone wild life i have found on campus. For example squirrels and birds and such. I tried to take a picture of a chipmunk but it ran away before I took the picture. Also I wanted to take some pictures of the wild life beginning to grow on the campus. One example is a picture of the trees and the grass starting to grow outside the gym that I am very excited to see grow over the next few years. I can’t wait to see how the campus develops over the next few years when I graduate.

Twenty Time 4/19/16

We had our 2nd last twenty time and I have pretty much concluded that I am only going to do this first game that I have been working on for my project. I am not completely done and will probably finish after our last twenty time. This is definitely the most fun that I have been having in twenty time all year because I am finally getting to apply the things that I have been learning all year. I can probably just try to enhance it more than I was originally planning to. After the school year finishes I will probably program the other game that I was planning to do. This way I will be able to take my time with the game and really make it as I want to. After next twenty time we will began to assemble our presentations that we are going to make to the class. I think that I am very prepared for this part of the project because I have a lot of material that I have been programming and working with all day.

Twenty Time 4/19

Today in twenty time I read and annotated an article for World Cultures and I made a quilt for my Spanish quiz. I was able to work ahead anticipating that our game at NRCA would make it hard for me to finish my homework. Over the long weekend I was able to take some pictures to add to my collection of pictures. I finished editing my time-lapse video that I will show in my presentation. My late arrival home tonight means that I had to avoid taking pictures. I will take more pictures to conclude my twenty time when I have free time during this week. Lately, I have chosen not to include pictures  so that I will have some photos that are new to show in my presentation.

Next twenty time I plan to evaluate how effectively I stayed true to my plan to represent words I found in photos I loved. My prediction is that as the year went along I tried to be creative and not limit myself to what I had written down on paper. Hopefully I am also able to start collecting my final pictures out of all the pictures I have taken for twenty time. I will start to sort through the best of my pictures that have accumulated and pick the most appealing to show in my presentation.

Twenty Time 4/19

Today during twenty time I recorded the golf podcast. There is still a lot of work to be done with adding music and also editing the recording. Because it would have been so hard to have him read through the entire script perfectly, the golfer just read it through so that I could edit out his mistakes at a later date. While I didn’t complete that in class, I was able to work on most of it later in the day so that the recording sounds error free and cohesive. I was also able to spend so time listening to music that is under creative commons, which means that it is not copyrighted and can be used in non-profit situations such as in my podcasts. I found some that I like, but I am still deciding which ones I will use and when. Unfortunately, I was unable to have the origami podcast recorded today, but I will try to get that finished before the next twenty time.

Twenty Time 04.19.16

Today was a day where I decided to just take some pictures. It was a long and busy week for me, so I really wanted to take a relaxing twenty time of random pictures in my back yard. There really isn’t much I can say about what I did other than that…

For the next (and last) twenty time, I want to wait until the weekend and take pictures of food. I haven’t really done this before, so I want to try this as more of an experiment. We shall see if it works. I should have done this earlier in the year, but I hadn’t thought about it until a few days ago, but I thought it was a good idea to try because I had the time to try it. I haven’t decided what I’m going to take pictures of yet, but I’m sure that I can come up with something to make for the weekend.