Twenty Time 4/19

Today in twenty time I read and annotated an article for World Cultures and I made a quilt for my Spanish quiz. I was able to work ahead anticipating that our game at NRCA would make it hard for me to finish my homework. Over the long weekend I was able to take some pictures to add to my collection of pictures. I finished editing my time-lapse video that I will show in my presentation. My late arrival home tonight means that I had to avoid taking pictures. I will take more pictures to conclude my twenty time when I have free time during this week. Lately, I have chosen not to include pictures  so that I will have some photos that are new to show in my presentation.

Next twenty time I plan to evaluate how effectively I stayed true to my plan to represent words I found in photos I loved. My prediction is that as the year went along I tried to be creative and not limit myself to what I had written down on paper. Hopefully I am also able to start collecting my final pictures out of all the pictures I have taken for twenty time. I will start to sort through the best of my pictures that have accumulated and pick the most appealing to show in my presentation.

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