Twenty Time #11

This twenty-time day was a lot of fun. Most of the plants have bloomed making the landscape very bright and colorful. All of these plants blooming like this also causes there to be lots of pollen all over the place. One of my favorites from this time was a picture of some art someone had made on top of a trashcan. I liked it because people don’t normally like the way that trash cans look, which I think makes this very cool. My second favorite picture from today is one of a wall. That might not sound that interesting, but I got really close to the wall so that in the picture you are able to see all of the cracks and blemishes in the bricks. I like it because it shows how much information we missed because we are focused on looking at the big picture and not at some of the small things. This twenty-time day I had a lot of fun and I really liked the pictures that I took.

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