Twenty Time 4/25/16

Today Twenty Time was a little bit sad for me because it was the last working Twenty Time. Though I do wish that I had been able to finish my scarf this year, I am not disappointed with my accomplishments and it was fun to be able to knit during class again. I am very happy with the project I chose because I have developed a new hobby that is a little bit better for me than watching netflix or painting my nails ( It is possible to inhale too much nail polish remover), and I have learned a new skill. I am going to try to finish my scarf soon enough to give it to my mom for her birthday, and then I will start on a hat or some socks for my dad. I am able to make people presents that they will enjoy and I will enjoy it while I make things. Overall, I’d say it was a productive year for me in the hobby department of my life.

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