Twenty Time 4/26

I made it a goal for myself at one point to have at least four podcasts for my project, so during the last day of twenty time I was determined to do the work to make a third podcast, even if I would need to do lots of work outside of class. I chose to use the class period interviewing and recording a classmate about their own twenty time project. I hope this podcast will be somewhat comical in tone, which will be different from the rest of my podcasts. Between that class period and the time that I am writing this, I finally was able to record the origami podcast. We had some obstacles in scheduling so we had to push it back a lot, but it is finally done. I still have to to do before I am able to present my project; this weekend I am planning to finish editing the podcasts and post them to the wordpress where I am presenting them. After that, I will be just about done.

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