Roxanne and Why I Chose it

For my song I chose Roxanne by the police. I was very excited to learn how to play this song especially the bass part. I’m so honored to bee able to play a song originally performed by the esteemed Sting. The bass part is surprisingly easy even for a beginner like me. Even though the bass line is so simple it is incredibly fun to play. The song is still one of my all times favorites even though I recently found out what its true meaning is. I hope to learn how to finish this song and hopefully lean the vocal part too (just don’t ask me to sing as well as sting). In fact many songs by the police have very easy and recognizable bass. One of the other songs that I’d love to learn is sending out an SOS (message in a bottle). It is a slightly more difficult song but It is definitely possible with practice.


Lesson at Music and Arts

This past Sunday I went for a touch up lesson at the Music and Arts store next to the Panera off of Witherspoon. When we arrived and told the guys behind the counter that I had a one time lesson at three thirty they told us to hang out for a minute while my teacher finished up with another student. When the guys behind the counter told my teacher that he had a 3:30 one time appointment he seemed confused and denied that he did. They asked me my name and when I said Nick they realized they had mixed up the students name and the teachers nam, great start. My lesson was actually with a really nice energetic guy Luciano. While I’d love to hang out with Luciano any day of the week he didn’t seem very open to using different resources. He more or less insisted on listening to the song Roxanne and figuring out the notes instead of using the tab that I already had. This took up the majority of the lesson so i the end I learned only one “new” trick to help me play the song. Even though this past lesson was unsuccessful it will be helpful to know if I get stuck on another song Luciano will be willing to help.


This past friday I discovered a legitimate life changer, Songsterr. Songsterr is a subscription based I Phone app that has the tablature (tabs) for almost 50,000 songs. This is an unbelievably powerful resource. It lets me learn practically any song I’d like and it’s the reason that I decided to change my song. The Bass part for Roxanne was just too cool to pass up. And in addition it had the background music (which I didn’t end up using for my presentation).The other souces for tabs that I found were unreliable, difficult to navigate, and sometimes just straight up scams.The tabs on songterr are always correct and obviously theyy’re not scams.Learning songs on Songsterr is much much more enjoyable and feels like fun and only fun rather than a chore. Not only was the learning process more fun but the process was acrually much faster, being able to practice a single measure over and over again without taking a break made the process go much faster  .Songsterr actually became a big family hit, people would call out songs and I would search up to see wherther or not they had the song, and they usually did! I’m very excited to finish learning Roxanne outside of twenty time

First Twenty Time of Q4

This was my first Twenty Time of the fourth quarter and I can feel the deadline fast approaching. I’ve been working furiously to perfect my song and I am still contemplating learning the vocal part to help make the experience more enjoyable for the audience. I’m very excited to show off what I’ve been working on for the whole year. Even though we only have two work days left I feel confident that I will be able to play my song well for the audience. I’ve been working on some other songs on the side to add some variety to my Twenty Times and to help me enjoy my time on the bass better. One song I particularly like playing is Roxanne by the Police. It is simple enough but it is a ridiculously fun piece to play (plus it’s an amazing song. One song I would like to master for the future is Another One Bites the Dust which has probably one of the most well known bass lines in the world.

17th 20 Time 5/2/16

During my twenty time, I worked on homework so that I would be able to take pictures during the weekend. During the weekend, I ended up going to downtown durham and taking pictures there. I have always been interested in the little things downtown and it was a great opportunity for me to explore the area. I found some really interesting things there that made great photos but I am saving them for my slideshow presentation.

This project has been my favorite project I have done in school. Although there were many times where I had to rethink and change my plan, I think I overall took some good photos that I am proud of and realized how much I love photography.

Twenty Time 04.26.16

For my last twenty-time, I took some photos of fruits and vegetables that we got from the grocery store. It is something that I wished I had done earlier, but I had just come up with the idea the week before, so I could not do much between the two class times. I think this is an area that I need to explore more because the photos weren’t that great, but I can definitely work with them to get the photos better, I just wish I had more time to take more pictures.

I had a wonderful time learning how to take photographs. I wanted to take pictures of smaller objects, though I changed it as I moved along in the year because I realized that goal was too specific to a more explorative option where I tried different types of photography. Whether that was landscapes, close ups, food or anything else.

Twenty Time 4/26

This twenty time I was able to finalize my outline for Wednesday’s in class essay, I was also able to start my homework for Spanish. I made a very thorough Quizlet for our next set of vocabulary. At home I uploaded the last of my pictures and sorted through most of them. I have pared down my selection for the slide show I will show and I also made a few tweaks to the time lapse video I took earlier. As we near the end of the twenty time project I look back and notice how nice it has been to have a break and enjoy something that I do not usually invest time in. Getting back into photography outside of class has given me stress relief and enjoyment of free time instead of staying inside cooped up.

In the upcoming week I will finalize my photos in my presentation. In addition I plan to evaluate how well I stuck to my original proposal for the twenty time project. Similarly I want to reflect overall on the successes and failures of my project this year, gaging how well I used my time. I will use this information when drafting my lose script and slide show.