20 Time Reflection Questions

I enjoyed going outside once a week or so and taking pictures of our amazing campus. I really like getting away from all of the school life and just being mindful and connecting with nature.

The most challenging aspect of twenty time was putting my project together for the final presentation. I know that the pictures on my phone developed better than they did on the screen and I wish that the people who I presented to could see the quality of my pictures.
After completing this twenty time project I have realized that I can do more than just pass by nature on my way to class meaning that I should admire and go out of my way to connect with nature whenever I have a break.

I am most proud of my efforts to go out on those really cold and snowy days during the winter time even though most of those pictures did not turn out as well as I thought.

I have not learned many lessons but one that I learned is that there’s more to taking pictures of nature than just seen on the surface. There is always the very special and peaceful effect that nature has on me that made the project a success for me personally.

I had many many failure pictures and if there is one thing I take away from this project is that there is always a second chance to take another picture and I can connect that to my school life. There is always a second chance to do better the next quarter.

I will probably remember this project as the first time I got on stage in Kenan and how nervous I was even though I didn’t look nervous at all.

I think that we as a class should have met at one twenty time each month and gone over our progress to show that we have not failed the individual project yet because i remember seeing a few failures from earlier on in the year that didn’t end up with much of a product to share with the class during their presentations.

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