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Twenty Time was a really incredible experience for many reasons. My favorite part of the experience was that I was able to do yoga, which is something I’m passionate about, in school. It was a chance to relax and get to do something I don’t always have time for otherwise. I also loved that I was able to expand my practice because I have wanted to improve my practice for a long time, I just don’t get the opportunity very often. But, there were some challenges that came with Twenty Time. One of them was that I would get to the yoga room and realize I had a test in a few periods or some homework I wanted to get done and it was sometimes hard to focus on my practice. I think the reason for that was because I was practicing at school so it was occasionally hard to feel in the moment because of homework and general stress. Something I learned about myself during Twenty Time was just how passionate I am about yoga. When I did get over the distraction of schoolwork or other things and I just practiced yoga, it was a time where I just let all my stress go. It was really cool to see how much I love doing yoga and how much that love only increased over the year. Another thing I learned about myself is that when I am passionate about something, I am willing to work really hard to achieve it. There was one pose, called “crow pose”, that I have never been able to do. But, through time and effort I was able to achieve it. This was very meaningful because it showed my commitment and effort that I had put into the project and my practice over the year. I am most proud of being able to get over the distraction of schoolwork. This is because I often get very stressed about school and I can’t focus on anything else. So, I was very proud that I was able to get in the mindset of just doing something to focus on myself. I don’t always put my needs first so being able to stop myself from stressing about school and just motivating myself to focus on yoga was a huge achievement. I had a lot of successes throughout this project. I’d say the biggest one was the huge improvement and expansion of my practice that I made. Because of this success, I learned that I was not only incredibly passionate about yoga, but that I was good at it too! Although I knew before that I loved yoga, this past year had just increased my passion so much more and I’m really happy that I learned just how much I love yoga. I also had some failures in this project. I large one was that I tried at the beginning of the project to go to a class that my mom takes with her every Tuesday afternoon. But, because of school, laziness or life in general, I did not stick to that schedule. So, I learned that sometimes when it comes to school, I do not put my own priorities first and I get dragged down by stress. I don’t think I realized at the time that if I did go to a Tuesday class, I felt so much more relaxed and happy afterwards. But, because I do realize that now, I wish I had taken that opportunity more. I think something I will remember about this project for a long time is when I had been planning my “class” that I could teach and it was pretty much finished. My sisters and cousins were in town and we were all sitting in my backyard. My cousin suggested that my sister should lead us in some yoga because she’s an employed yoga teacher. But, she suggested that I teach instead because she knew I had been working on a class. So, I led my sisters and cousins through my yoga class I had been working on. To have the capability to teach others what I had learned this year was so amazing because it showed me my growth and strength that developed through Twenty Time. This project was so incredible and I loved both the time it gave us and the relaxation it gave me. I think if there was one thing that I would say could be improved about this project, it would be more frequent check-ins. There were times when I felt a little lost and unmotivated and I think just a few more reflective times and meetings could be helpful. Overall I would say that this was an incredible experience and I am so grateful for Twenty Time, and our World Lit class in general. Thank you Ms. Wittman!

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