Final thoughts on Twenty Time

  1. I really enjoyed coming to class every day seven and knowing exactly what was going to happen and that by the end of class my scarf would be a little bit longer. It was a piece of peace on my day.
  2. The most challenging thing about Twenty Time was trying to plan back in September what my results in may would be. It was hard because I thought that I would have all the time in the world! May seemed so far away, so I thought I could make like 15 things but I still haven’t finished 1.
  3. I learned that I like arts and crafts and things like that. Usually I can’t sit still long enough to finish an entire art project, but during Twenty Time I discovered that I really like creating things.
  4. I’m most proud of the fact that I made something that I can wear out of my bare hands. That is so cool!
  5. I learned that if I stick with something and learn something new it can be really fun.
  6. I also learned that if I mess something up I should just try again and again and sometimes the mistakes are actually kind of pretty.
  7. I learned how to knit! I will forever be able to knit (I hope).
  8. Maybe if I had known at the beginning of the year exactly how much time we had I would’t have set the bar so high and I might have been able to reach my original goal.

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