Twenty Time Final Reflection 06.03.16


What did you enjoy about the experience?

I really enjoyed that we could find something that we felt motivated about, and to spend a huge portion of the year doing it. It encouraged me to think that I can do things that I want to do outside of school, and that I don’t have to just be a student while in high school. I have time to be creative too.

What was the most challenging aspect of your Twenty Time project?

I am not a self-motivated person, so keeping myself motivated was very difficult for me, especially in January and February when there was no final goal to keep in mind or the original motivation left.

What is one thing you learned about yourself by participating in your Twenty Time project?

I have learned that I can be a patient person with something that I care about, like my photography.

What are you most proud of? Why?

I am proud of the number of photos that I took. It seemed like I only took a handful each time I went, but when you look at it over the course of a year, it is a lot of photos that I’ve taken.

What lessons did you learn from your successes?

I’ve never really understood the important of patience before this project. I always just knew it as something that was good, but I didn’t understand why. As a result of the project, I’ve learned that when I have the patience to do something, it can turn out really well.

What lessons did you learn from your failures?

I’ve learned that a failure is not always a bad thing. It can set you on a track that you were meant to be on to do the project. For example, the microlens aspect of my project was a failure, but it set me on a new track that taught me how to take pictures for my trip to the grand canyon.

What is one thing about this project you believe you’ll remember for a long time to come?

I’ll have an increase sense of appreciation for art in general. Art museums have never been something that I have loved, however, I understand now what it is like to take pictures. I understand the blood, sweat, and tears (not literally) that go into making a photo look its best. That is something that I will hang onto forever.

  • What is something the teacher could have done to make this project better?

I wish we had more class discussions more often about our twenty time projects. That way we would have to have more to show for our projects more often so we could not fall behind.

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