Twenty Time Reflection

  1. I enjoyed this project so much, and probably more than I have enjoyed any project ever before. This is because it allowed me to do something that I loved, and I am very grateful for the opportunity. I love golf so much that I truly enjoyed every second this project enabled me to spend out on the course or practicing, which was certainly a lot. I have also enjoyed being able to talk about golf with my friends, as it is a sport that few people talk about much. I feel like I have drawn some attention to the sport in my grade because a lot of my friends are talking about playing with me, and they tell me that they actually love to play. All in all, I enjoyed every second of this project simply because that is how much I love golf.
  2. There were two things during this project that posed a slight challenge to me. The first was giving up some of the things that I have always loved to do. These are soccer and lacrosse. These sports have always been a part of my life, but this year I decided not to play either so that I could focus on golf. Looking back, I definitely made the right choices because I like golf so much more than these other sports. The other challenge was the I was unable to keep my statistics and play much on the course early on because I was simply not good enough: I could not play a round of golf without losing at least twenty-five balls and taking about ten extra shots per hole. To get through this I just worked as hard as I could and persevered through the tough times.
  3. Throughout the twenty time process I have certainly learned a lot about myself. This was truly one of the more daunting long term tasks I had ever taken on, and now that it is over, I feel an amazing satisfaction over what I have accomplished. I feel as if the hard work I put in has truly paid off and that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to and want. I also learned more about getting things done without being babied by a teacher. I like how Ms. Wittman did not give us much structure for this project, so I had to get things done on my own.
  4. I am definitely most proud of my accomplishment of making the Durham Academy Varsity golf team in February. This was only eight months after I first starting playing golf, but all of my hard work paid off when I made the team. This had always been my number one goal, so making it was so great. I was so happy when I made the team, but I knew that I could never be satisfied, so I worked even harder and eventually cracked into the top six on the team. This was another great accomplishment.
  5. From my successes I learned a lot in regards to myself, which I have already said, but I obviously learned a lot about the game of golf. I have been taking lessons at Duke, and I would consider each lesson a success simply because of how much I learn about the game of golf during and individual lesson. I learned a lot about setup, posture, alignment, routine, tempo, creating speed, how I move my body, different trajectories, and more.
  6. I would not say I had any true failures during this project, other than specific things such as a bad round of golf. However, I believe that a lot can be learned from any round of golf especially a bad one. Take the State Tournament for example, I shot a certain score (which I would rather not say), but my coach and teammates picked me up after the round. They made me feel like it did not matter and that it was all okay, and so I learned a lot about what it means to be a good teammate.
  7. I believe that this project is never going to go away from my memory because it is what transformed me into a want-to-be golfer into a real golfer, and without this project I would not have ever taken the game up so seriously. I know that I will play the game for the rest of my life, and that is why I am so grateful.
  8. I cannot think of anything Ms. Wittman could have done to make this project better because I believe that it was just awesome. I thought about saying that giving more structure to students might be better, but then I realized how this project helped me figure things out on my own in regards to time management and what I need to do to get something done even without a time limit or given structure.

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