Twenty Time Reflections

My Favorite part of this Twenty Time experience, was being able to go out almost once a week and learn about/ do something that is interesting to you. The hardest thing of me was standing on the stage and presenting. I learned that standing infant of people and presenting is not that bad andI think I got over my fear of presenting. I think that presenting was what I am most proud of myself for doing. I learn that I can take good pictures, I also learn that not every picture that I take will be the best. I think I will never forget my presentation. I think the teacher could have told we were presenting a little more in advance, because the presentations kind of snuck up on me. Other then that I think the project was lots of fun I would hope that it is carried on in future years.

Twenty Time #11

This twenty-time day was a lot of fun. Most of the plants have bloomed making the landscape very bright and colorful. All of these plants blooming like this also causes there to be lots of pollen all over the place. One of my favorites from this time was a picture of some art someone had made on top of a trashcan. I liked it because people don’t normally like the way that trash cans look, which I think makes this very cool. My second favorite picture from today is one of a wall. That might not sound that interesting, but I got really close to the wall so that in the picture you are able to see all of the cracks and blemishes in the bricks. I like it because it shows how much information we missed because we are focused on looking at the big picture and not at some of the small things. This twenty-time day I had a lot of fun and I really liked the pictures that I took.

Twenty Time #10

Today, I took some very interesting pictures. Today I focused on taking pictures of cool plants as they start to bloom. One of my favorite pictures that I took today was a close up of some buds. I liked it because the were very cool looking, and were purple. I liked the way that the green of the leaves on the plants contrasted the color of the buds. Another one of my favorites was a picture of the large tree in the middle of the campus. I liked it because it was just starting to get its buds. The higher up on the tree the more yellow it got. I also took the picture at such an angle that I got the sun in the picture which just made it even better. Overall I think I got a lot done today. I managed to take some very good pictures today. today was a very successful day.

Twenty Time #9

Today was a rainy day on our campus. When this happens it completely changes what everything looks like; for example the pathways get puddles on them, and water drips from the roof of buildings. These differences make the pictures that I took today more interesting then in normal sunny conditions. The puddle on the ground reflects images, and gives you new angels on pictures of places you have already been. Today I tried to take focus on taking pictures of puddles on the ground, and seeing if I could make a really cool picture using the reflections. My favorite picture from today was a picture of a bush next to a pathway, which had a puddle, and a fence. In the puddle there was a really cool reflection of the bush and the fence. I like this picture because it looked good, and it had an element of what I was focusing on today. Overall I think that today was pretty productive, however I was not able go take some pictures that I like because of some puddles and other things.

Twenty Time #8

On this Twenty Time day I spent my time talking with other people in the class. Everybody used this as a way to gage him or herself. It let me identify more goals for the future, and it let me get insight from other people on what I should or should not focus on in the future. We were separated into small groups, and we shared with the group what we had done with our twenty time days. At the begging of this project my goal was to become a really good photographer that knew everything about taking a picture. I now realize that, it would take years for me to master everything there is when it comes to photograph. I now think that if I can get the basics down then I will be able to progress the skills I learn and turn them into some really good photos, I will be happy with what I have accomplished during this project. This was a very helpful day as it gave me much insight into what I should focus on for the future.

Twenty Time #7

During Twenty Time I focused on the snow that was all over our campus. The snow had already started to melt which meant that there were puddles and clear patches, which made some of the pictures that I took, look great. One of my favorites from this time is one of, a reflection of a tree in a puddle. I like this one because of the fact that if you flip the picture upside down it makes the picture eve cooler. Another one of my favorites is one of the science building and the roof is covered in a blanket of snow. I liked this one because it had a very high contrast in colors, because of the brown of the roof and the white of the snow. I also like how there are random patches of grass that can be seen because it gives the picture the look of not being perfect. All together this was a really fun Twenty Time because I got to take pictures of the campus when its covered in snow and ice.

Twenty Time Jan 12

Today was very cold, but I still managed to get outside and take some pictures. The focus for today was man made strutures and other things that were not made by nature. One of my favorite pictures from this time was when I took a picture of the DA sign near the parking lot and the commons. I really liked it because when I took the picture at an angle the bricks made a cool design. Another one of my favorite pictures was a picture of a wooden bench. I liked this one because it has so many different lines in it that it creates a really cool pattern. In this picture I like how the shadows from the arm rest fall onto the siting part of the bench, causing a contrast in colors on the bench. Today might not have been the most enjoyable because it was so cold, but I still got lots of good pictures that I am very happy with. Overall this Twenty Time was very helpful and productive.

Twenty Time #5

Today was a good day in terms of picture taking. Today I focused on taking pictures of the insides of buildings instead of the outside which is what I normally focus on. The first good picture that I got was one of the hallway in the gym, that has shiny floors, and I got this cool refection of the hallway, while only taking a picture of the floor. I really like this one because it allows me to show so much in such a simple and unusual way. My second favorite one was a picture of the side of the gym. It is a picture of the outside of the gym, and the way that the sun is position, it cast some cool sun rays on the picture that make the whole thing look really cool. I liked this one because of the cool rays of light that mad the building look as if there was a cloud drifting over it, and the sun was shining through the cloud onto the building.

Twenty Time #4

Today was a very fun day because we got to take pictures of this campus while everything is wet, and I also got to take pictures of lots of tress that are starting to change colors. I think that trees are very interesting to take pictures of, if you do not take the pictures from the same angle. So today I tried to take all of my pictures from angles I would normally take them from.  One of my favorite pictures that I took today was a picture of a tree with a bush, that is flowering, next to it. I really liked this picture because the flower pedals had started to fall off and they created a ring on the ground that surrounded the bush. Another good picture that I took today was this great picture that I took of the stains that the leaves, had left on the concrete. Overall I really enjoyed this class because I was able to take pictures of the tress in the middle of them changing color, and some have started dropping their leaves.

Twenty Time 3

Today I got some great photos. As I went around today I tried taking pictures of things in nature from angles that I might not normal take a picture from. For example I took a picture of a bush, but I put my camera in the bush and took a picture from the inside out. This gave me a new understanding for angles, and how taking a picture straight on is not always the best place to take the picture from. Another interesting photo that I took was of the inside a group of tree trunks. it was cool because it gave me another perspective on that image that most people see everyday on campus.