Final thoughts on Twenty Time

  1. I really enjoyed coming to class every day seven and knowing exactly what was going to happen and that by the end of class my scarf would be a little bit longer. It was a piece of peace on my day.
  2. The most challenging thing about Twenty Time was trying to plan back in September what my results in may would be. It was hard because I thought that I would have all the time in the world! May seemed so far away, so I thought I could make like 15 things but I still haven’t finished 1.
  3. I learned that I like arts and crafts and things like that. Usually I can’t sit still long enough to finish an entire art project, but during Twenty Time I discovered that I really like creating things.
  4. I’m most proud of the fact that I made something that I can wear out of my bare hands. That is so cool!
  5. I learned that if I stick with something and learn something new it can be really fun.
  6. I also learned that if I mess something up I should just try again and again and sometimes the mistakes are actually kind of pretty.
  7. I learned how to knit! I will forever be able to knit (I hope).
  8. Maybe if I had known at the beginning of the year exactly how much time we had I would’t have set the bar so high and I might have been able to reach my original goal.

Twenty Time 4/25/16

Today Twenty Time was a little bit sad for me because it was the last working Twenty Time. Though I do wish that I had been able to finish my scarf this year, I am not disappointed with my accomplishments and it was fun to be able to knit during class again. I am very happy with the project I chose because I have developed a new hobby that is a little bit better for me than watching netflix or painting my nails ( It is possible to inhale too much nail polish remover), and I have learned a new skill. I am going to try to finish my scarf soon enough to give it to my mom for her birthday, and then I will start on a hat or some socks for my dad. I am able to make people presents that they will enjoy and I will enjoy it while I make things. Overall, I’d say it was a productive year for me in the hobby department of my life.

Twenty Time 4/19/16

Today during Twenty Time I just knitted the entire class. It was pretty relaxing and I’m glad I was able to do that. While I was knitting I was thinking about our Twenty Time presentations and how I was pretty disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to show my finished scarf. I was worried that it would look like I hadn’t been working on my project. As I started thinking about it though, I realized that if you take the amount of time it takes me to finish each row, times the number of rows I have stitched, it comes out to be a lot of time spent knitting. I also thought about a few articles that I have read about knitting. It is really good for your arms and hands because it stretches your muscles in a repetitive way, and for your brain because it relaxes your brain and gives you time to think about things. All of this adds up to be a very productive Twenty Time project and I am so glad that this is what I have chosen.

Twenty Time 4/7/16

Today during Twenty Time I knitted the whole class period which was great because I not only was able to catch up on my knitting, but I was able to relieve myself of a ton of stress. Right now at school it is extremely crazy for me not to mention that I have like 5 extracurriculars at their peeks and I’m taking drivers education. From all of this stuff I have been feeling really stressed lately so being able to take a class period to gather my thoughts and spend time doing something I like to do was really nice. I was able to focus my thoughts on one thing and gather myself so I could carry on my day without too much stress. Before I started knitting I didn’t realize how important it is to find a way to get rid of stress, but after I started knitting, I realized how good for you it can be. I am very glad I was able to find something I enjoy and brings me piece, not to mention that it is a particularly useful hobby.

Twenty Time 3/24/16

Today during Twenty Time I studied for a biology quiz and got some of my homework done because I am going to the beach this weekend and I wanted to not have to worry about doing homework. Tomorrow I have a very long car ride so I am planning to make up for the time then. As far as knitting goes it’s pretty much the same. I am still enjoying it and I think it looks really pretty. I read a very interesting article the other say about how good for you knitting is. It helps keeps you finger muscles lose and uses a part of you brain that recognizes patterns. I think it is good for me because knitting gives me something to do with my hands so I don’t mess with things, and it gives me time to think. If I was just sitting and not doing anything I would be bored, but because I have something to do, I am able to focus on my own thoughts. I think knitting has been a very good hobby to take up.

Twenty Time 3/8/16

Today during Twenty Time I knitted. It was just a nice work day. I got about twelve rows done today in class which is a lot more than I was getting at the beginning if the year. At the beginning of the year I was getting about four rows done during the class period, so this shows just how much I have progressed. The pattern that I have changed to have been very good because I not only love it, but it is a little bit easier so I make less mistakes, and I go faster. After school I knitted about another seven or eight rows. I have about two and a half feet of a scarf and I think I need about another four feet. I am not sure I am going to finish in time, but I am going to try really hard. I have been knitting a lot more than I used to out side of school which is good, but I still have a lot longer to go.

Twenty Time 2/24/16

Today during Twenty Time I knitted for a portion of the shortened class period. Part of the way through I realized that I hadn’t done my biology homework or studied for a Spanish test, so I did that instead of knitting. I made this time up though when I got home and in the car on the way to my after school activities. I think that I knitted more than fifty minutes today, so I think that I”m alright. I started to worry though that I will not finish my scarf by April because I have been knitting since like October and I am only a quarter of the way. I have started knitting much more than just during Twenty Time too. I knit in the car mostly and when I am watching movies. I think I might be able to finish if I am very deliberate about it. I am still hoping to finish, but I know that this is a hard goal to reach so I don’t think I will be to disappointed if I do not reach this goal.

Twenty Time 2/12/16

This Twenty Time I knitted as usual. I don’t remember if I said in the last post that I had changed my pattern, but I have. Before it was knit two stitches, purl two stitches. I have changed it to knit one row, purl the next row. I do this for fifteen rows and then I switch. It ends up looking a little bit striped. I changed the pattern for a few different reasons. The first reason is that I was getting a little bit bored with my knitting, and I think it was because it was too repetitive. This changes back and forth every fifteen rows now. The other reason is that it was taking me a very long time to knit because I had to count and recount and focus a ton on what I was doing. Now it is simple and it doesn’t take me nearly as long to complete a row. This means that there is a much better chance that I will finish my scarf by April. All and all, changing the pattern was a very good idea because it not only caused me to become more interested in my work, but it also sped up my process so I am more likely to finish.


Today during Twenty Time we had our mid year evaluation. It was very helpful for me because I realized that I have made more progress than I thought I had. Before today I thought that I was moving too slowly and that I hadn’t accomplished anything, but today I discovered that I have already accomplished my original goal. My original goal was to learn how to knit. I have already accomplished this goal. I have not only learned how to knit but also purl. This was all that I really wanted to accomplish. I got caught up in trying to make a certain number of items instead of becoming good at the skill of knitting. I will most likely only make one item and I don’t even know if I will finish, but I feel that I have learned a good skill. I would like to finish the scarf I am making though. I have changed the pattern from knit two purl two, to knit one row purl the next. I think this will make the knitting move along faster, and I might be more interested because it is something new.


Today during Twenty Time I knitted as usual. I am started to knit much slower than I used to and I get distracted much faster. I think this might be because I am bored with the scarf that I am making. I think I am going to put this project of to the side for now and start a new one. I might be more interested in new yarn and a different stitch pattern and maybe then I will enjoy it a little more. I think I may have talked about the different patterns I want to try, but if I haven’t yet, I will now. I would like to make a hat that looks like a cat that is just knitting one row and then purling the next row. It seems fairly simple and may not take as long as a scarf. I would also use thicker yarn and bigger needles so that would make it go faster also. There is no way that I am going to be able to make twelve to fifteen items, so my new goal is to make three items. I would like to finish the scarf, make the cat hat, and do another project that I haven’t decided on yet.