Twenty Time 1

I have completely changed my plan for twenty time. I have now decided that I am going to create podcast about cross country and track. During the first period, I worked on my script for the first episode. The writing is a narration about this current cross country season and the important events that have happened in in. Before next day 7 I will record these narrations as well as record some audio from practices and meets. The Durham City/County meet is one of the biggest of the fall and will be an important event in the podcasts. That meet, which was originally scheduled for Tuesday, will likely happen Thursday. It will be a very important meet as we compete against the best teams in the area. How well we do in this meet will determine how successful our season is as a whole. This will probably be a very interesting piece for the podcast and and I should really focus on demonstrating that gravity in the piece.

Twenty Time Proposal

I am planning to use my twenty time to create a blog that reviews biographies of people who have greatly affected our world. I think this is an important thing to do because we all have the right as well as the responsibility to take the lives of the influential people that have come before us and learn from them. In between day 7 classes I will be able to read biographies, which I like to do, while in class I can work on these blog posts and publish my ideas about these people to the world and encourage others to read about them also. Hopefully through this project I will be able to share with others information about great people in history as well as inciting a passion in others to learn about and from them.