13th 20 Time 3/8/16

Today in class I worked one editing photos. I have started to use an app called vsco that allows me to change many different aspects of my photos. I have enjoyed experimenting with this app and seeing how much editing can effect the photos. I have included photos that vary from very edited to semi edited. There is a very distinct difference and I think sometimes a lot of editing looks good and sometimes the original looks better. I am getting very excited for my spring break trip because I will be able to take many photos.

During class today I also worked on some homework and studied for a test and quiz. This time has been used very well and has helped me prepare for upcoming events. I have something after school on Thursday so working in class will help me to not fall behind in other classes as well as this one.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


9th 20 Time 1/27/16

This week during my twenty time I worked on editing photos of the night sky. I have tried taking photos but they have not turned out how I would like them to. They are blurry and I am going to look into how I can improve my photos. This week I am thinking about going back out on a clear day and taking a good photo that I am pleased with. Even though my main focus right now is the night sky, I am continuing to take photos of the typical things. During the snow days I took some photos outside. On this blog post I have included photos that have been taken recently.

During this weeks twenty time, I also worked on homework so I would have time to take photos at home. At this point I have decided that my final project will be a slideshow of my favorite photos throughout the year.


In the photo above some stars are visible but the photo is blurry. This may have been because the tripod slightly moved while the photo was taken. The photo was taken with a shutter speed of 25 seconds and an aperture of 4.




This photo was taken during the snow days. It was taken on standard settings on a Nikon D5500

3rd 20 Time 10/26/15

Today was our third twenty time. I had someone I was touring so I had to run between the interview and the classroom. This made it so I did not have the most time to work on my twenty time project, but I did as much as I could.

Recently I have been very interested in taking pictures of the moon. I have been taking photos of it in different phases and today I combined the photos (photo attached). I thought the process of making this photo was very interesting and I am very proud of the way it turned out.

I have continued to post on my photography Instagram but unfortunately it has lost followers. This is most likely due to the fact that I did not follow that many people back and have not been posting on it regularly. I am hoping to start posting on it more often.

moon phases

2nd 20 Time 10/15/15

The original plan for my twenty time project was to start a YouTube channel. I had wanted to start a channel for a while but when I started to film a video, it was not as interesting and fun as I had anticipated so I have switched over to photography. I know that many people are working on photography so I am working on a way to make mine stick out. I have not completely decided what I am planning on doing but I have a few ideas.

Recently I have been emailing a professional photographer and have been asking for advice and idea suggestions. He had suggested a Tumblr but I am planning on doing an Instagram instead. I have started to make the Instagram and currently have about 80 followers. I am hoping that number will grow.

During class for the second 20 time I worked on editing some photographs. I uploaded one picture and am working on a theme for my Instagram and figuring out if there is a specific subject that I would like to photograph. As of now I am just taking various photos of things that interest me and also editing them in iPhoto. (An example of something that I have taken a photo of and edited is a lightbulb.)


1st 20 Time 10/2/15

Today we had our first 20 time. I used this time for doing homework, edit my channel page and looking up how to edit videos. I used this time for homework so I could film my first video on Sunday. I am planning to make the video an introduction to my channel and talk about what I am going to do on my channel. I also used this time to look up how to edit videos in iMovie. This is the video editing application I will be using. I watched a video where someone showed step by step a way to edit videos. The last thing that I worked on during 20 time was editing my page on YouTube. I worked on adding channel art and a profile photo. As of right now I have one video posted as a trial video. I currently have five subscribers and am hoping that that number will grow.

Twenty Time 9/24/15

Throughout the process of 20 time, my goal is to start a YouTube channel. I have been watching YouTube for many years and have always wanted to start one. This is a perfect opportunity for me to try something new that I have always had an interest in. In my opinion, I think this project is worthwhile for many reasons. I would be able to do something that really interests me and I would learn many things along the way. I would learn how to deal with patience and how to edit videos. I know that my channel may not succeed and I am not expecting it to. I am just hoping to find something that interests me.

Throughout watching so much YouTube I can have an idea of what people enjoy watching and what they do not. I would be using the 20 time in class to edit videos or to do homework so I could film a video at home.

The three main steps for me being able to start a channel are 1. research 2. making and 3. uploading. I would need to do research on many different aspects that go into making good YouTube videos including legal reasons such as copyrighted music etc. Step two making the videos. I would have to plan out video ideas and set aside time to film and edit them. And last but not least I would upload them. I would most likely be uploading once every two weeks in the beginning and try to work towards more often uploads.