Twenty Time 1/12: Progress

This week shall be the true beginning of all of the cosplay creation in my house! I have determined I will likely be doing Rey from Star Wars 7, due to the fact that my family will all be attempting to cosplay things from this AMAZING movie at NC comic con next year. If I finish Rey early I may still make Crona but I feel like I want to do something with my family. Rey is the new protagonist for Star Wars and has a very interesting costume, and collectively it should be relatively straight forward to create. I will also be creating her weapon if I can. In addition to this I will be working on another, very simple cosplay for Meulin from the web comic Homestuck. This one will mostly be done with makeup as the character is relatively simple, and I am doing it to some extent as a favor for a friend, who I will also be making a costume for.

In terms of progression, I will be getting a new sewing machine very soon, due to my current one being so old they no longer sell the parts to fix the model I have. Once I have that I will get started on bringing these characters to life. (Pardon if this sounds way too cheesy)

Twenty Time Dec. 2

Hooray for cosplay! I believe that this will be a much more enjoyable project. I am designing how I will create the puppet part of Crona. So far I will be making his head out of a Styrofoam ball or if I need to, shaving down a styrofoam block into the shape of his head, which will then be covered by black fabric and white felt and (likely) Ping Pong balls for his eyes and other facial details. I plan on mounting this on a thin piece of PVC or something similar, maybe wood, so that he appears to be separate from me and only connected by a small point. This will likely change but this is what I am starting with. I think I am going to use a more malleable material for his arms. I may end up mounting his head to my wig but I am hesitant to because it will make the piece much more difficult to wear.  For my smaller cosplay I may end up being a Slytherin student from Harry Potter or possibly a troll from Homestuck, which I plan on doing over christmas break.

Twenty Time (GAH I know this is late but forgive me ok?)

For my twenty time I got my digital desk thingie set up! (yay) Sadly I must report I suck at using it. I also noticed that sense I started working on this project, noting I draw looks half way decent even on paper. This is really bumming me out. So if anyone knows any good character drawing guides, let me know because this is making me want to pick a new topic, which would be sucky. I’m getting all these really cool ideas in my head but my hand does not want to cooperate… at all. I am going to work on some character development this week and I will hopefully have something to show you guys next time I write. This may end up as a comic strip completion if I can’t get a good grip on an art style.

This is my drawing desk



Photo on 10-19-15 at 9.42 PM

Twenty Time Day 1

For twenty time today, I worked on developing my main character for my novel. I haven’t been able to work on it much because I haven’t gotten my digital drawing desk thingie. So I’ve been working on developing Momo (my main character- I may have borrowed her name from my roommate from over the summer) and the two supporting characters who I haven’t named yet. I am having to look into a back up plan incase I can’t get one in time to complete much of the book. This is what Momo looks like, I’m not really going for realism here…

Photo on 10-4-15 at 4.47 PM

An Intro. to My Graphic Novel- Where the plot is tbd…

For my Twenty Time project, I will be making a graphic novel about… something that will be determined by the next time you read this! I am using as an excuse to get back into art and drawing, something I love to do but never have any time for. I’ve always enjoyed drawing and creating characters, so this is the perfect opportunity to pursue something interesting with these interests. I plan on using an art style somewhere between Adventure Time and Scott Pilgrim. In order to do this project, I will need to get a digital drawing desk I can hook up to my lap top. Overall I am very excited to do this project.