Final twenty time reflection

  • What did you enjoy about the experience?

I really enjoyed that we could do, within reason, whatever it was that we were interested in and wanted to do. I have to say, It felt really good to be told that I got to make my own decisions as to what I would be doing with my twenty time.

  • What was the most challenging aspect of your Twenty Time project?

What was very challenging for me personally was that I felt like I never had enough information. The sad thing about this, was that it turned out that I was right, I didn’t have enough information. but thats how you learn what your limits are, by making mistakes and trying to do things that are far beyond your skill level, thats the only way to find out where your skill level is.

  • What is one thing you learned about yourself by participating in your Twenty Time project?

I learned, well learned more about how lazy I am. At times I found it EXTREMELY difficult to motivate myself. It seemed that throughout this project, whenever things got tough, there was always a voice in my head saying “wouldn’t it be so much easier to give up? Don’t try, just give up”. However, somehow I managed to convince myself to complete my project and I think that even though my twenty time project was a failure, the fact that I stuck with it was at least a minor success.

  • What are you most proud of? Why?

I am most proud of the fact that I tried something that I had no idea how to do, but had always wanted to do. I am proud that even though I didn’t succeed, I managed to put up a pretty decent fight, as far as ukulele fights go. I am proud of the fact that in spite of my lazy tendencies, I actually had a decent amount of work to show for myself at the end. Even if it was all backwards, the thing that i am most proud of is the fact that the effort was still there.

  • What lessons did you learn from your successes?

I didn’t have many successes, but when I did succeed, it felt really good. I knew that it was completely my own success because no one had helped me and I had accomplished these things on my own. Its a a unique sense of pride, the feeling that you have done something by yourself that no one else can take credit for because it is 100% yours.

  • What lessons did you learn from your failures?

The many many failures that I experienced reinforced one of my parents’ favorite lessons, when you fall down, get back up. It is never any easy lesson, but without it, few successes can be attained. Failure is just a success that needs some fixing and if I hadn’t kept trying to fix my playing, I would have probably never realized I was playing upside down. Most likely, I would have gotten up and performed two or three upside down songs for the class and ended up looking even more ridiculous than the person who realized they were playing upside down. And that would have just been embarrassing.

  • What is one thing about this project you believe you’ll remember for a long time to come?

I will remember that this project taught me to be more responsible because there is no one there to hold your hand and that is a unique experience. The idea that you are the only one who is there to make sure that the work gets done was kind of scary, but it taught me a lot about how to motivate myself to get things done instead of just using the period as a free period.

  • What is something the teacher could have done to make this project better?

This wouldn’t be terribly fun for those participating, but I think that it would be beneficial to have a sign out sheet where you have to write where you are going and then Ms. Wittman could do surprise check ups to go and see what you are working on. This could get complicated for those who do their work outside of school, but perhaps it could help some people be more productive during the class period. The looming threat of the teacher stopping by makes people so much more productive.

20 time 3/24 i think

I’m not totally sure what the date was, but it was sometime around the 24th. Today, for twenty time, i learned a new song on the internet. I’m not entirely sure what the name of the song was, but it had a sort of a pattern to it: CCCC CCFF CCFF CCGC and that is pretty much the whole song. This was good because that meant that I already knew all of the chords that were in the song. The only issue with this is that I have a lot of trouble counting, so a lot of the time, I lose my place in the middle of the song and I sort of forget what it is that I am doing. The other problem that I have been informed of with my ukulele is that there always seems to be someone, somewhere who thinks that it is out of tune and who considers it to be their duty to help me by tuning it. I appreciate the people who have actually helped me to tune my ukulele, but honestly some people have just made things worse.

20 time 2/24/16

Today I forgot to bring my ukulele to school. However, I think that I have found that perhaps I need a book of ukulele notes or songs that are easy or  something because my current progress is not where I would like for it to be. I think that I should be fine, but I just have plenty of work that I still need to get done before the end of the 20 time project. I believe that I will be able to achieve my goal, but I’m not really sure that I want to play ukulele in front of our class as my presentation. not sure what I would do instead though. I think that I probably need to work on my presentation though. I think I will be fine, I just need to figure out what my plan is going to be first. I should figure that out before the next 20 time.


Right now, I feel pretty good about my ukulele playing so I decided to help out Ani. She practiced teaching me a yoga class. It was very relaxing and it really helped me see how not flexible I am. I learned some new yoga poses that I didn’t know about before. It was very fun to take a small, quick break, but I will be going back to my ukulele playing next week. I am thinking of picking a new and final song to learn and aspire for it to be maybe a bit more challenging than my current music. I might even get a ukulele book! Not sure which but I think that there is such a thing as a book full of ukulele songs and I think that that might be something that I could definitely use to improve my playing without having to rely on faulty youtube videos.

20 time 1/12/16

So, this is the first 20 time of the new year. Its been a while since I have even looked at my ukulele so it was a little bit awkward when I first started back. Since, we are now closer to the end of the year and our end result and final project part of this particular assignment, I took some of my 20 time today to devise a plan for how I am going to actually present my work. I have decided that I will make a video of myself playing several of the songs that I am best at and then put them in iMovie and  play that video as the main part of my presentation. So far, I have two songs that I am planning to put into the video. This feels like a good number because I have two particular songs that I am fairly good at. I practiced these songs today during 20 time and hope to perfect them before the end of the year.

20 time 12/2

As you know, I have been playing the ukulele and working on learning some songs for my twenty time project. Today was no different, I just sat down and continued to practice. I think that in the future though, maybe I should try and buy some actual written music so that I don’t have to keep finding videos on the internet. I really ought to work on this, but I’m just not sure where I would find sheet music, maybe in high strung? That is where I got my second ukulele. If that is a place with ukulele sheet music, I wonder if they have the song that I have been working on, either I’m yours, or Hallelujah, which is a song that I just started trying to learn. It has similar chords to the song I’m yours, but the tempo is much slower, which makes it easier to play.

20 time 11/18

Today, for my twenty time, I continued to work on learning the song “I’m Yours”. I was having trouble getting the right sound when I played just with my fingers and so I am trying to find something that would make a good pick, right now I’m just using a quarter. It works pretty well, but it sometimes makes a weird noise when it hits the side of my ukulele and this is kind of distracting. One good thing about it though is that it definitely makes the notes sound better and it makes them louder too. I am still having some trouble with the transition from C to D, but the more I practice, the easier it is going to get. My playing in general has very much improved and is now at the point where it is actually kind of tuneful. Sometimes, people can even tell what song I’m playing.

11/6/15 20 time

Today for my twenty time, I continued learning the song I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. This video was published by a youtube user named Uke4U2. this video makes it easy to learn the song, because it gives me what chord i should be playing, shows me a video of someone playing it along with me, and also tells me what my finger placement should be using numbers 1-4. I spent all of my 50 minutes replaying the video and just playing along. There is definitely a problem that I need to work out though, and that is that there is this on part towards the end of the song where the chord order( i think that this might actually be called chord progression). It gets faster and some of the things change and switch around and I am looking for a way to see the sheet music so that I can learn this part better and figure out what I need to do.

10/15 20 time

I finally got a new Ukulele, this one is white and is a Mahalo which is the same brand as the pink one that came before it. I got it from high strung in downtown Durham. I am very excited about it, it even came with a little sort of ukulele bag. I also managed to settle on a song that I will play at the end of the year, I’m yours by: Jason Mraz. This will be my main focus to learn this song and if I finish it quickly, I might also have time to learn a second song. It all depends on how fast I memorize this song though. Today during the actual twenty time, I mostly just did homework so that I would have time to go Ukulele shopping later.

who even does this? Day 1

I have recently encountered a slight issue with my plan. It has been made clear to me by a mysterious thief that a pink ukulele in Mrs. Keene’s advisory was a very desirable object. Who would take a pink ukulele? I have spent some time thinking about this and have thoroughly searched my house and every lost and found bin on campus. After continuous disappointment, I have accepted defeat and will be purchasing a new ukulele. I had plenty of time during this class period to think about how I won’t tempt fate by putting this new ukulele somewhere that it can be taken. I also was able to look through youtube for ukulele tips, tricks, and some easy cords.