Twenty Time 4 11/8

Today I shot for the word love, I knew I wanted a picture of two peoples hands and that I wanted a good deal of shadowing present in the picture. The weather was not as nice as I thought is was going to be, so I made due with indoor shooting.

After getting back from a long weekend of soccer twenty time was a nice break, but I’m not sure that I’m exceedingly pleased with the picture I created. I am hoping to shoot during the week and get a naturally lighted picture. Hopefully I will have enough time in my schedule to make up for this.

I took this picture of my parents hands, I tried to artificially light the picture which left me with less than desirable results. However, I made due with the lighting, and was able to put a black and white filter on the picture to get the feel I wanted. IMG_5196

When I reshoot for this picture during the week I might want to have an outdoor location, and possibly have color, depending on its appearance. Next twenty time I hope to get out and shoot for one of three words: seasonal, happiness or graceful.

Twenty Time 3 10/26

Yesterday I decided to take some pictures of the moon. I felt like shooting the moon would give me good practice having to create my own settings, considering that the camera tends to overexpose at night. I have previously tried to shoot the moon and it has been extremely unsuccessful every time.

At first all that was appearing was a bright unfocused blob, I continuously reset the aperture and shutter speed until I could clearly see my subject. I took around 20 photos total trying to perfect the amount of light let in the camera and eventually I was satisfied. I had to make the aperture and shutter speed very small/quick.


I probably will not use these pictures in my final project because I didn’t plan for the moon to be representing one of the words I generated, but it was a good learning experience for moving forward. Next I plan to shoot for the word love, taking pictures with sharp shadowing, and a shallow depth of field.

Twenty Time 2 10/15

During class in twenty time yesterday I completed a large math packet.  Even though I promised I would shoot a few pictures for “seasonal,” I didn’t have a chance to go out to the setting I wanted, because my family was very busy. Instead I experimented with interesting shots and my camera, I took a couple of pictures that were average because they lacked natural light. Over the weekend I hope to take more pictures geared towards my twenty time project.

So far I am happy with my decision to take photographs based off of words I find interesting. I find myself constantly looking for subjects to photograph and places I can visit, to shoot that fit my word criteria. As of right now I don’t have any pictures that I want to keep and put in my final product, next time I hope to take multiple photos one of which I might be satisfied with.

First Twenty Time 10/2/15

For today’s twenty time I generated a list of 15 words that I would like to take pictures of through out the year, I tried to pick words that could be very open ended in photo representation. The words I picked to represent are: desolate, graceful, quiet, seasonal, warmth, spirited, happiness, love, wondrous, vibrant, flourishing, fresh, fierce, alert/vigilant, and curious. Next I began brainstorming possible subjects to be the focus of the photograph based on the word, keeping in mind that I had to have access to the majority of my subjects at home or near by. In the next session of in class twenty time I will complete homework, and when I arrive home I will take a picture picture that portrays “seasonal” in its mood and tone.

Here are some picture I have taken in my free time, to give some context to my project.IMG_4869 IMG_4943


Twenty Time 1

For my twenty time project I hope to take 15 or 20 well composed pictures, that individually represent one emotion or adjective. Within the last two years I have become very interested in photography because I love how rewarding the process is once finished. However I do not generally have enough time to pursue this interest of mine, which is why twenty time is a great opportunity to develop more as a photographer. I already know a lot about photo composition and camera functions, so during this project I will work on developing my photographic eye and capturing emotion in an image.

Every day seven in class I will be working on homework, instead of on photography. When I get home at night I will then have fifty extra minutes of time that I can devote to photography. I have decided this is so that I will not have to bring my expensive camera to school and so I have more variety in what I can take pictures of at home. Usually Within this project as of right now there are no logistical issues because I already own a DSLR Canon, however if something should arise the price probably will not be high.

My first section of my project will consist of generating 20 different emotions and adjectives that would make a good mood/tone for a picture. Then I will start coming up with different subjects that could portray the emotions/adjectives. Next I will begin shooting according to my list of words. Finally I will compose either a photo collage or a slide show (depending on which I think would look best) that will showcase what I completed for my project. During the entire project I will be blogging about my progress. This project is intended for my own consumption, as far as I know.