This twenty time I started learning basic chords. I
started by learning what a chord actually is, according to, a chord is a combination of usually three or more musical tones sounded simultaneously. The first chord I learned was the C Major chord using the E, A, and D strings. This is a very basic chords with just three notes all on neighboring strings all very close to each other. After a few minutes of practice I figured out how to bend my fingers to make the chord feel comfortable and sound good. I repeated the process with the C Minor chord, It was just as easy as the C Major chord. I’m happy with how my bass playing is coming along and now look forwards to every 20 time.

Twenty Time #2

Today was my first real twenty time. My amp cord married the previous Friday and I was ready to finally start playing my bass. I spent the first couple minutes tuning my bass and then I was ready to play. I basically spent this twenty time messing around, ;earning to mute strings after I played them and learning basic chords. Honestly this was one of the most fun parts of my day. Playing Bass is definitely relaxing to me because I have very few expectations for myself (at least right now)

Thanks Pandy

This was my first time in over 6 months picking up my bass guitar. I was actually very excited to have the time given to me so that I could learn to play an instrument. I hauled the bass out of my closet and took it out of it’s case, next I grabbed my amp. I plugged my bass into my amp and plucked a string… nothing. I tried a different string, nothing. I made sure that the outlet my amp was plugged into worded and that it was turned on, still nothing. I inspected the bass and found nothing wrong with it. Finally, I looked down to the cord that connected the bass and the amp. There was a hole through it. A few months ago my hamster (now deceased) escaped from her cage and had a two-day run of freedom through the Fogg house. She had apparently decided that nothing would taste better than an amp cord and munched her way directly through it. So as a start to twenty time I got to browse the internet looking for a new amp cord that should arrive in four to six business days.