20 Time Reflection Questions

I enjoyed going outside once a week or so and taking pictures of our amazing campus. I really like getting away from all of the school life and just being mindful and connecting with nature.

The most challenging aspect of twenty time was putting my project together for the final presentation. I know that the pictures on my phone developed better than they did on the screen and I wish that the people who I presented to could see the quality of my pictures.
After completing this twenty time project I have realized that I can do more than just pass by nature on my way to class meaning that I should admire and go out of my way to connect with nature whenever I have a break.

I am most proud of my efforts to go out on those really cold and snowy days during the winter time even though most of those pictures did not turn out as well as I thought.

I have not learned many lessons but one that I learned is that there’s more to taking pictures of nature than just seen on the surface. There is always the very special and peaceful effect that nature has on me that made the project a success for me personally.

I had many many failure pictures and if there is one thing I take away from this project is that there is always a second chance to take another picture and I can connect that to my school life. There is always a second chance to do better the next quarter.

I will probably remember this project as the first time I got on stage in Kenan and how nervous I was even though I didn’t look nervous at all.

I think that we as a class should have met at one twenty time each month and gone over our progress to show that we have not failed the individual project yet because i remember seeing a few failures from earlier on in the year that didn’t end up with much of a product to share with the class during their presentations.

20 Time 4-26-16

Today is sadly our last twenty time in class. I took some really great pictures and feel like I have gotten better at taking pictures over the course of the year. Not only have I gotten better at taking pictures, but I have also learned a lot about the seasonal changes of trees over the course of the year. Today however, I captured some pictures of sone wild life i have found on campus. For example squirrels and birds and such. I tried to take a picture of a chipmunk but it ran away before I took the picture. Also I wanted to take some pictures of the wild life beginning to grow on the campus. One example is a picture of the trees and the grass starting to grow outside the gym that I am very excited to see grow over the next few years. I can’t wait to see how the campus develops over the next few years when I graduate.

20 time 4-19-16

Today for 20 time I was super surprised to see that there are now leaves on most of the trees. As of today, we only have a few more twenty times left so I’m hoping for some more changes in these next few weeks. This twenty time i made my usual route and captured some pictures of a few changes that have occurred since the last twenty time. For example, there were more leaves on the tree in the quad and the tree looks almost fully back to the way it should be. Next I captured a photo of the new garden outside of the front of the school. Finally I made my way over to the gym and took a picture of the new trees outside of the gym. Over the next few years i can picture them growing to cover the side of the gym nicely. After this project is over, I hope to watch the campus grow over the next few years.

twenty time 4-7-16

for my twenty time today I was surprised by the amazing changes with the tree in the quad. I can remember that from last time it was just beginning to start blooming and now the leaves are green. I am still waiting for the leaves to start to bloom on the tree outside near the parking lot that I have been watching all year. Also I got a picture of pollen that was on the trash lid that somebody had drawn on in the past and the design looked pretty cool to me. In addition to this I captured some terrific pictures of the lack of water drainage on campus. I noticed that there was a spot over near the science rooms that there was a huge puddle of water. While I was over there I got a picture of the water draining off of one of the roofs and it was moving so fast that it just looks like a blade of water.

20 time 3-24-26

Today for twenty time I am happy to announce that the tree in the quad has begun to bloom. In addition to that, there was a garden planted in the front of the school and I can’t wait to take pictures of that through the next few weeks as it goes through the early stages of development. There were also little flowers beginning to bloom on a few of the bushes, however, the trees are still not blooming yet so I can’t yet get any pictures of that. I also got a picture of some purple flowers growing in the grass near the double decker. I then took this one photo of the tree in the quad from the side with the sun in the background that shows a bit of the tree beginning to grow leafs and i feel as if there are a little bit of clouds in front of the sun and i got lucky because I believe that I’m probably not going to get another picture like this.

20 time 3-8-16

Today for twenty time I noticed that the leaves still haven’t started to grow back which I am patiently waiting for. As I have seen, the leaves fell off the tree faster then they have grown back. From what I see, it will be in the next few weeks before they begin to return. However today I focused on taking pictures on the shadows of buildings and trees. I captured a nice photo of the way that the tree casts a shadow extending over the bushes. Also I took a photo of the bushes and how the bushes have a shadow from the buildings on half of it, exposing half of the bush to light. I can’t wait for the flowers to bloom and for the leaves to start coming back on the trees. Next twenty time I hope to take those photos.

20 time 2-12-16

Today for twenty time I ended up taking pictures of plants with different angles in addition to the normal picture of each twenty time which is the big tree in the courtyard and the picture of the tree near the DA sign. I am still waiting for the leaves to begin to start growing on the trees again which will probably start happening in the next few weeks. After taking the normal pictures we took some nice pictures of the bushes that already have leaves. I feel like this picture of the bushes is really great and since I had been focusing on taking pictures with different angles, the picture turned out really well. I approached it at a side angle and then realized that the picture turned out really well. In the last few minutes of twenty time I spent my time creating a folder for the tree that I have been taking pictures of and its seasonal change.

20 Time Reflection

Reflecting on my past 20 times from the first semester, I can say that I feel like I have been doing as best as I can for the picture taking part of my twenty time. I know that I can be doing better with the blog posts but there is only so much I can say about a picture without showing it. The people that I worked with said that I was not committed enough to my project however, I have a lot of evidence that says otherwise. For example, I like to take a picture of the same tree every twenty time to show the seasonal changes every day seven. The other members of my group say that I am doing a good job so far in order to reach my goal of creating a slide show for my final project. I plan to continue taking pictures and I hope to have another snow day to take pictures of.

1-27-16 (snow day)

Today for twenty time, I wanted to take some great snow day pictures because of the most recent snow day that we had on over the weekend. I really wanted to focus on how the snow has affected the school. There are puddles, small rivers and tons of mud everywhere. After we took pictures of the obstacles that the snow has created for us students to avoid and navigate, we then took some pictures of the roofs and the water falling from the roof which took a while to get enough drops of water in the picture. Later, we journeyed to the sidewalk outside of the gym to capture photos of the puddles created by the melting snow. In this picture we captured through the puddle, a picture of the trees. Next, we took pictures of the big tree in the courtyard with no leaves during this time of year. I really enjoy this picture because the branches branch out from each other.

20 time 1-12-16

Today for twenty time today I wanted to focus on how winter has affected our campus. Even though it was below freezing today, the amazing views of the campus were worth it. I captured some images of some trees with a few leaves still on them while most of the trees have lost their leaves a long time ago. Then I noticed the frost on top of the buildings and how it is only a matter of time before the sun hits the roof tops and melts away the frost. Winter is the best time for taking pictures. I captured an image of an area right outside the gym where there was a puddle and somebody had stepped in it and it had splashed on the side walk. I had later noticed that the ground was frozen and ice had formed over the puddle. Then I met back up with Jack and we discussed and shared our images.