Twenty-Time Project Proposal

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hi, my name is Kaynaz Soheili, and in my English 9: World Literature class at Durham Academy we have started our Twenty Time Projects, which we will be continuing until the end of the year. I have chosen to learn French with the help of my dad, Ms. Mattox, and a friend’s French 1 Textbook/Workbook.

My parents have cousins and close friends who live in France and they gather every two years during summer! It was summer 2013 when I got the chance to spend time with them! All the children except some of us from the USA only speak French and I want to be with them and be part of the conversations/jokes/planning/etc. I also learned that French and Spanish are so similar and this means later I will have an easier time learning Spanish which might become a “first” language for us in the USA!

My dad is fluent in French and he has promised me to devote at least one to two hours on Sundays teaching me and also I’ve spoken with Ms. Mattox and she is willing to help me out both on and off campus to practice conversation in French! The first step is finding my resources such as books/textbooks/workbooks/tapes, then create a study schedule, and last is to practice and find ways to use the language such as, watching French movies! During the process of learning French, I might be able to borrow a friend’s French 1 Textbook/Workbook.

I am planning to finish a beginner level by the end of the school year, and as a product, I hope to have a video of myself speaking French with my dad!

Twenty Time Proposal

Hello! For my Twenty Time project I decided that every one or two weeks I am going to be trying something that I have never done before, or that I have been too scared to try in the past. I chose this project because I am a generally introverted person, and I am not so outgoing when it comes to leaving the house and trying new things; most weekends I spend my time watching Netflix, doing homework, procrastinating, doing homework, and watching even more Netflix. I would like to use this project to motivate me to broaden my comfort zone, learn how to take more chances, and change my perception of taking on challenges.

I have started a list of things I hope to do within the next six months, and every week I will try to do one of these things, while taking pictures to document my experiences. First however, I will spend about two weeks organizing this list and researching a little about the benefits of taking chances and how to make the best of the project. My goal by the end of the school year is to be willing to take on more opportunities, be able try new things with curiosity instead of apprehension, and also inspire others to step outside their own comfort zone a little more often.

Blog Post 1: Proposal

For my Twenty Time project I am going to be making music with a software called FL Studio. FL Studio is a program kind of like Garageband but much more complicated. It specializes in electronic music such as dubstep and trap. I am choosing this project because I really like listening to music. The thing I like most about music is being able to hear the beats come together and form a tune. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing. I will make beats and putting them together. I think this is going to be really worthwhile because instead of having to buy music on iTunes, I’ll be able to make my own music. I do not know anyone who knows how to navigate this program, but I know a few musicians who may be able to help with the musical aspect of it. There are also many Youtube tutorials that I can use at home. There are no required items that I need besides my personal laptop that has FL Studio on it. I already have the software so that isn’t a problem. By the end of the year I hope to have at least one completed song and have it uploaded onto iTunes. If you like music I encourage you to follow my blog posts. I will be posting after every Twenty Time session. I hope that this will be the start of a new hobby of mine.


Twenty Time Proposal

What is your project?

  • My project is working with little kids on their soccer skills and seeing how much they improve.

Who will work with you on this project?

  • My mom will help me set up the training sessions, my old soccer coach will give me advice about how to teach little kids soccer, and my soccer teammate who trains with little kids already will give me some pointers as well.

Who is the audience / user base / client base for this project?

  • The audience / user base are the parents and the kids that want to learn how to play soccer.

Why is this project worthwhile?

  • This project will help me become a better teacher and by doing so I can also understand more about soccer. Just because I am good at soccer does not mean that I am a good teacher, but I want to be able to start young kids off in the right direction so that they can follow their dreams and become more experienced soccer players.

What do you expect to learn from this project?

  • I expect to learn about myself: how good I am at teaching little kids and how much I know about soccer.

What PRODUCT will you have to show at the end of the year?

  • I am going to make a presentation and talk about what I did and how much the kids improved during my sessions. I am going to make before and after videos to show the things they needed to work on and then after them having worked on it I will have a video of them doing the skill correctly.

What sort of expenses will be involved in your project and how will you cover them?

  • This project will not cost me any money.

What sort of equipment will you need and where will you get it?

  • I will need a space to train (probably at DA on a field that the JV and Varsity teams do not use), a couple of mini soccer goals and soccer balls, which I already have, and I will need kids who are willing to train with me (that is what my mom is going to help me out with). I will also need my phone to videotape the kids.

What is your timeline for completing (or launching) your project?

  • I think that I am going to do these sessions on days that I do not have practice in the fall, and then take a break during the winter and do sessions again in the spring. I will do the sessions in the spring until March or April and then start on my final presentation.

#1 Project Proposal: Piano

Hi everyone! I will be learning the piano for my Twenty Time project. I had played the piano for about three years but then stopped after moving to the U.S. I remember some basic skills such as scales, some very simple chords, and basic fingerings. As I have been playing the violin for six years, I know some music theory, but I can only read base clef in a painfully slow manner. And so my goals are the following: mastering two songs—Love Story by Francis Lai and a classical concerto or symphony that has yet to be determined, and to be able to read base clef more quickly. To reach these goals, I will practice at least two hours per week, either at my house or in Mr. Meyer’s room. My resources include scale books, etude books, and solo books from my days as a young pianist, my brother and my mom, who both play the piano, and in class, Noah has agreed to help if I run into trouble. This project is mainly for myself, because I wanted to pick up another instrument, but it is also for anyone who is interested in hearing my music. Not only do I want to simply relearn the piano, but I wish to also improve my understanding of music theory, which should help my violin playing. This project would also help me become more coordinated, as the piano forces oneself to move the right and left hand separately.

To Be a Girl at DA // Description


Hello! For my Twenty Time project, I am going to find out what it means, or what it is like, to be a girl at Durham Academy. I will interview females from all different kinds of niches at DA; this includes girls involved in sports, arts, debate/academics, teaching, or nothing at all, etc. I will turn each interview into a blog post, with what I took away from it and a photograph of the girl At the end, I will turn the results I find into a mixed media representation of what it means to be a girl at DA. This mixed media representation may be in the form of a mural, or a sculpture, but that part is to be determined. The goal of the project is to spread awareness to everyone (whether it is guys who are unaware of the struggles girls go through, or to other girls who need to be reminded of them). My first step will be to arrange meetings with a girl from each grade; my second step will be to determine which questions to ask them; and the third step will be to actually interview each girl. This project is important to me because I care a lot about equality in every aspect among genders and within the same gender. Mr. Haynes has agreed to assist me with the mixed media representation and I am hoping that this becomes sort of a campaign with SHE club, so Mrs. Frasier has also agreed to share her wisdom with me.

My ambition is to know what it’s like to be a girl for everyone at DA, but right now, the only perspective I have is myself.P1040716

Cooking: Post 1

Hello! My twenty time project will be about cooking. I have always wanted to learn how to cook really cool, beautiful, and delicious recipes, but I never had the time to do it. Now, I will try, at first, to cook and bake basic things that I can use all of the time in the future. With the help of my friend Nechama I will teach myself how to cook these things and videotape myself doing it. I hope to learn more about different cultures through cooking international dishes as well as taking some time out of the busy schedule on the weekends to have some fun while also doing something educational. I will need ingredients, my computer/youtube channel, and my kitchen. My goal is to be able to create my own recipe after learning basic skills and putting them all together to make a twist on a classic or a new combination of flavors. By the end of the year, I will hopefully have a new hobby and appreciation for cooking and other cultures.

Project: Breakdance #1

My idea for the twenty time project is breakdancing. I plan on working alone, to improve my own abilities in breakdancing. My hope is that everyone will be able to see my project and appreciate all the hard work and effort it is to breakdance. This project is worthwhile because it spreads a culture that has been declining and been decreasing in size since it peaked a few years ago. My goal for this project is not simply to get better at breakdancing, but to learn how to do specific breakdance power moves like windmills and maybe flares. By the end of the year, I will hopefully have a video lasting a couple minutes of me breakdancing to awesome beats. Overall my project will cost nothing at all, besides a lot of effort on my part. My timeline can be as short or long as I want it to be. On one hand, I could be content with windmills, but if I did that too fast, then I could work on flares.

If you want to learn what windmills are, here is a good example on YouTube:

If you want to learn what flares are, here is a good example on YouTube:


Twenty Time Project #1

For my twenty time project I am going to figure out what the recipe of being a Division 1 college basketball player is. The way I am going to figure this recipe out is by interviewing various people that have been through this process or know a lot about it. The people I will hopefully be able to work with are the coaches and academic advisors at Duke University. This project is extremely important to me because I want to become a Division 1 basketball player, but I don’t know exactly what it takes. The audience of people will be the kids that have dreams of playing college basketball and they want to know what they have to do to make their dream a reality. What I expect to learn about this project is why some kids make it and others don’t. Is it because of their coaches, opportunities, where they live, or is it just the amount of hard work you put into it? My final product is I’m going to make a recipe, very similar to a cooking recipe of what it takes to become a college basketball player. There will be no expenses in my project. The equipment that I will be using is my computer, a pencil, and a notebook filled with paper.

Twenty Time Project n. 1

My project will be cooking dishes from cultures that are on the 34th parallel on the globe. I will be filming my cooking process with time lapse. My parents will work with me on this project, as they have traveled of the places on the parallel. My sister has offered to help me film. The audience for my films are people from all ages who want to learn about cultures through cuisine and film.  This project is worthwhile because I will learn more about editing and filming, and I will learn about some unfamiliar cultures through doing something that I enjoy.  I expect to learn how to film and edit a full time lapse video and learn new things about cultures through cooking. I will need to pay for the ingredients with my money that I earned. I will also need various cooking supplies that I can purchase from cooking from stores. My phone will be my tool to film and my computer will be to edit. I will try to start my first cooking project in 2 weeks after researching recipes, and cook a once every two weeks.