Twenty Time #4

For my third interview I wanted to extend my project into the academic side of becoming a Division 1 College basketball player. I interviewed Mr. Kenny King who is a academic advisor at Duke University. His real title is the Student Life and Campus Relations Director. He currently works with the men’s basketball team and the women’s golf team. The way Mr. King is involved with these programs is he provides support and guidance to all aspects of all areas of a student’s academic life. Some of the things I learned from this interview is that a high school student must take 4 years of English, 3 years of math (Algebra 1 or higher), 2 years of natural/physical science, 1 additional year of all of these, 2 years of social science, and 4 years of additional classes especially foreign languages. He finds it very difficult to help the basketball players manage their time and assignments with their extremely busy schedules. Mr. King pays close attention to the players grades and closely monitors their classroom development. An interesting fact is that basketball players do not get the benefit of the doubt, they are held to the exact same standards as normal students. To maintain a stable relationship with their teachers, players when on the road, email their teachers to stay on top of assignments. Mr. King also said that the hardest thing for athletes to do is maintain a stable balance between their academic life and athletic life because both require a lot of time and dedication. Overall my interview with Mr. King was a huge help to my project and extremely interesting to see what it takes to be a Division 1 college basketball player and at the same time what it takes to be a good student athlete.

#4 (Less Enthusiastic) Practice

I did my third official practice yesterday afternoon, and I found it harder to get hyped about it because I was tired and my mind was elsewhere. Every time that I sit down to do my piano practice, I feel that I could be spending this time practicing my main instrument, violin. One of the reasons for this is because I have an orchestra audition in about two months, and I really need more practice in order to master my very difficult audition piece. However, I will try to keep at the piano. This time, I started with some 3-octave scales again. I also tried to figure out fingerings for some arpeggios with a little help from my brother. Then I flipped through a compilations book and attempted to play Für Elise, giving up on the bass clef about halfway down the first page. I switched over to something easier and started to play Chopsticks when Sam decided to join, making it a duet. That went pretty smoothly, except for a few stumbles with the rhythm in one part. I can’t say that that was the most productive practice in terms of reaching my goal, but it helped me get back on track somewhat and encourage me to keep going through with this project.

Blog Post Number 4

Yesterday was our third twenty time. Unfortunately, my computer had a slight delay and I got it back at around twelve this afternoon. I did not decide to buy the app because it was twenty dollars and had only three and a half stars. Many of the reviews said it had potential, but it was bad.  This puts me back a little with my music making, but I managed to use the class time to listen to some music and take notes on some common traits that they all shared. These were some of my notes:

  • Has some sort of “peak” or what some people call a “drop”.
  • Some sort of buildup for the drop.
  • The buildup slowing gets faster and faster.
  • Right before the drop, it usually gets quiet for a brief moment.
  • Has some sort of vocals in at least one part of the song
  • Has a repeated beat throughout the whole song except during the buildup and drop.
  • If it does have some sort of singing, it usually changes singers during the buildup.
  • Most songs have two drops.
  • The second drop tends to be faster and a higher pitch than the first one.

Another problem is that I don’t have any vocals. I could make a song with no vocals, but from what I’ve observed, every song has vocals in the main part or at least in the background. If I decide I need vocals, I may just do a remix of a song. There are many videos online on how to do that. In the meantime, if you have any ideas on a song I can remix, you can leave a comment at the bottom. Thanks. Can’t wait to use my computer next time!


Project: Breakdance #4

Hello! So today, I worked with Sam Grant, who you should check out on Youtube at:

He showed me many different types of moves that I can gradually incorporate into my breakdance combos. Some moves that he showed me were front handsprings, aerials, one-handed cartwheels, and butterfly kicks. As of now, I need to start practicing back handsprings and back flips. I have some interesting combos in mind that I should be able to record by next 20 time. I also may be teaching Sam Grant how to do some back handspring type moves for his Youtube channel. I also practiced windmills during my time, but unfortunately, I’m still only able to do one windmill. I need to work on using my momentum to propel my windmills do that I can string multiple windmills together.

Blog Post #4

My project on my youtube channel has been going smoothly, apart from someone at my school playing my videos during class. I think I sound weird when recorded, and we people are playing it on full volume during class it drives me crazy. I have made an introductory video on youtube, iI just ask that you don’t play it during class. This is the link:

I have made a cupcake video that I will post on Sunday, I also have already made an egg sandwich with leftover egg yolks, and a cocadas coconut cookie for my spanish class. It’s a Bolivian coconut cookie covered in aztec inspired melted chocolate and dusted with cardamom. I still need to edit all of them, but each one will be posted on each Sunday. I really enjoy my youtube channel, and I have a few new goals to achieve in the next two months and that is to make shorter and easier to edit videos and to make eye contact. A wedding cake is still one of my goals, but right now I am going to keep doing cupcakes and then I’ll move onto cakes and holiday desserts.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Today, during Twenty-Time, I could not complete anything to further my project. Instead, I did my homework and planned to work on my French on Sunday.

Although I was not able to watch Manon Des Sources the weekend before last, me and my dad watched a rerun of an episode from the series on CNN titled, “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”. He travels around the world and tries different food from the places he visits. The segment we watched was about Marseille, which is located near the Mediterranean coast of France. While watching it, my dad and I were listening very carefully and seeing whether we could pick out any French words, such as salut (salute) and fromage (cheese).

Watching this really helped me understand French culture and learn more about the language.

For the next Twenty-Time, I am planning to have a new set of words to practice from.

Post 4

I got to over 2,000 words today. That’s a little less exuberayting than the 1,000 mark, but I still feel like it is a good marker point. Helps me track my progress. I am however, only on my third page, but I suspect I’ll have more pages after I fix all the formatting errors. I think that I’ll be just fine on my word and page count. Worse case scenario, I just change the limit that I think I should finish. Good plan.

I got to use the main character’s name in context. It’s definitely Eli, I’ve gone too far to change that now. I also decided the context of the story, and the twist and general theme of the story. I feel that it is really coming together and I still really like to write. I can’t think of a way that I won’t like writing. I really want to finish the book, especially in my mind. I’m still writing the story in my head as I’m writing it on paper. I can’t think of another way to write it. I love it this way. Wish me luck.

Twenty Time #4

Since the last twenty time day, I have continued learning guitar with the videos on the website I mentioned before. The instructor goes at a perfect pace and has continued to give really helpful tips on how to play better. During the last few videos, I learned how to properly hold a pick, how to read box chords and how to play the D, A, and E chords really well. I have also made progress in practicing the best ways to change between these three chords without pausing, and I can almost play them together seamlessly. The instructor said that this is probably the most difficult, but important, part of learning beginners guitar; It is much more difficult than I anticipated, but I have kept up with practicing for at least an hour in total each week, and I feel like I have learned more than I thought I could in such a short amount of time. During this next week I will continue to try to put the D, E and A chords together, and possibly start learning an easy song!

Nonprofit Website #3

Hello again! For today, I was able to get all of the bios of the board members on the website. Everything is slowly coming along and I think the website is looking more professional every week. For next week, I will do more research into creating a logo for the website and learn how to insert that onto the website .

Blog Post #4

For my twenty time today, I continued to edit and upload pictures. I took some more photos today and edited them. My blog doesn’t have many pictures but, eventually it will progress and become more whole. I want to continue to learn how to use the camera and become a better photographer. I am very happy with the pictures I have been taking and also been editing them. I will start uploading pictures on to this blog and also my other blog to show my progress throughout the year. I am very excited to continue taking pictures and become more familiar with photography.