#6 Working on the Bass Clef

First of all, I am terribly sorry that this is so late, but I had difficulty finding time to practice and write a blog post because of a travel debate tournament in Chicago the week before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving break itself, and all of the work that precedes such a break, although I know that this is no excuse for getting this behind. Some time last week, however, I managed to do my practice. To warm up, I did all of the major 1-octave scales, and got straight to work on Love Story. After going through the first half-page, which I now know quite well, I really focused on bass clef and the left hand. I went over the bass clef part, obviously, and I even made myself say out loud the note names of the bass part as I played it more slowly. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, one of my goals for this project is to become more adept at bass clef, and I definitely took a small step toward that goal by practicing the bottom part this way. When I had had enough of the bass clef, I tried to play through the entire first page. The second half of the first page is a little harder than the first half because it introduces a more difficult rhythm and has a lot of accidentals, basically changing keys. Although it sounded quite sloppy, I played through the first page and concluded my practice for this session.

Project: Breakdance #6

Hi everyone! For my 6th 20 time day I drilled my CC’s, pretzels, and backspins. As always, I tried windmilling. I am working on keeping my hips up. If I can successfully keep my hips up, then I will be able to do successive windmills. On the note of keeping my hips, I need to keep my hips up in my swipes. Currently my one legged swipes are very sloppy and my legs need to be further away from my body.

I was also able to start working on my halo freeze. Below is an example of a good halo freeze. The essence of a halo freeze is a chair freeze with your legs up in the air.



In the future I will continue trying windmills and getting stronger.

Twenty Time #6

Twenty Time #6

I didn’t get a whole lot of work done during this twenty time period, but the work that I did was necessary and I had been meaning to do it for a while now, I would just keep forgetting to do so. I went back into my first book to double check the name of a minor character, then I stumbled upon a section that I forgot to change when I changed the plot line. Originally, there were two leaders of the country, Alexandria’s father, the President, and his military leader, Niklaus, and her father was actually a good person but Niklaus was the one who was being oppressive, but then I eliminated the second character and made her father the tyrant, so I changed that so it went along with the new plot. Anyways, I changed that part and then I finished writing chapter 9 and began on chapter 10. Clearly I didn’t quite meet my goal of getting to chapter 12 this week but that’s alright. I’m already well into the second book, and since I enjoy writing them so much then I work on them a lot outside of school, even when I don’t have to. A lot of times while I’m like watching TV or something I’ll just be going through and editing or something. Also, I’ve made a playlist of the music that I listen to while writing the book on Spotify, and the music that really goes with the story and has kind of the same message and vibe to it really helps me write and helps me focus on what I’m doing. If you want to see the playlist, then it’s called The Outliers, just search it on spotify and it’s by me, and my username is miriamd131313.

Twenty Time #5

Twenty Time #5

Last week, I decided to change my project. While I’m still singing in my band and enjoying it very much, I didn’t think it would be the right option for my twenty time project. For a few months now, I’ve been working on writing a book series, so I decided to change my project to finishing my trilogy, and possibly working more on the other book series that I’ve started but haven’t had the time to work a lot on. The main book series that I’ll be working on is a trilogy. So far I’ve gotten a first draft of the first book written, and I have it up to around 55,000 words, making up 24 chapters. To put that into perspective, that’s the size of the first Percy Jackson book, so it’s a pretty good size I guess. I have to go back and edit it, which will be a long and strenuous process, but I will probably do that once I finish my first draft of the second book. I also have to back and write in this one chapter that I’v been meaning to write but I was too lazy to when I was first writing the book. That will add more words in, and after I’ve written that chapter than I can go back and edit the whole thing.

Right now I’m working on writing the second book of the series. I have it up to 18,172 words, which makes up 8 chapters. In the outline that I made, I have 35 chapter planned out, but that could end up being more or less depending on how much I can fit into each chapter. In class on Friday, I was able to finish writing the 8th chapter, and began to write the 9th. I’m hoping that by the end of the next twenty time, I will have the twelfth chapter done, which may or may not be a realistic goal depending on how much time I have to work on it this week.

Twenty Time #3

Twenty Time #3

I spent all of my time on Monday (the last twenty time day), working with Sarah Farrin on a song together. She’s making youtube cover channel for her project and she asked me to sing and play guitar with her in one of her videos. We chose the song Take Me To Church by Hozier, and after working for the entire period in the soundproof room, I think we have most of it down, I just have to finish (or rather start) learning the guitar part, which I will probably do on saturday since I have next to no free time during the week. We’re going to film the video at her house on sunday, and hopefully we can use my recording equipment and everything will go smoothly.

As for my band, I went to the program’s studio in durham last thursday for my first voice and guitar lesson there. I used to take both at a different place, but I like this new place so much better. I think I learned more in that one lesson than I learned in six months of lessons at the other place. The voice and guitar coach that I was placed with is incredibly talented and a perfect match for me. He’s a great musician and a great guy, and I’m really excited to get started with my band there. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’m going back for voice and guitar, then I’m going to meet the band that I’ll potentially be joining so hopefully that means that I’ll start getting a better understanding of what I’m actually going to do with this project then.

Twenty Time #2

Twenty Time #2

I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of music I want to play in my band. I listen to all types of music, its kind of the only thing that I do with my life, but my favorite genres are probably rock, punk, metal core, (post) hardcore, and alternative. Since I’m a girl and I obviously can’t do screaming vocals (which isn’t the type of music that I was really want my band to play anyways) then I figured I was make it more of a hard rock band that does a mix of covers and original songs. For bands that we could do some cover songs from, I was thinking that I wanted to perform a somewhat even mix of old bands and songs. Maybe covers of songs by bands like the Misfits, Black Veil Brides Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice and Men, and The Smashing Pumpkins would be good? Since I’m a girl and truly powerful amazing females in the rock music world are rare, then I would like to do covers of their songs too. I was thinking along the lines of Evanscene (Amy Lee), Halestorm (Lzzy Hale), The Pretty Reckless (Taylor Momsen), Joan Jett and even like Suzi Quatro covers would all be good choices. Of course all of these band and singer names probably mean nothing to most of the people that are might be reading this because most people don’t know a lot about rock music but I guess that’s unavoidable

Twenty Time #1

Twenty Time #1

For my twenty time project, I am going to start a band. So far, I have found a drummer and a guitarist, and I’m singing lead vocals and playing backing guitar or bass. Right now I need to find a bassist or another guitarist to make it so that we have four members. If I find another guitarist, then I can learn to play bass since I already play guitar and it’s not that different. But if I can find a bassist then I can just play backing guitar which is what I want because I’ve been playing guitar for a few years now and I really like it but I don’t have the skills to play lead guitar and vocals is kind of my thing. The band actually starts practicing within the next week or two weeks, and if we can’t find a fourth person by then then we will start with three people and a fill in until we can find the last person in the following weeks.

5th Twenty Time: Photography

During this twenty time I walked around and took photos for the first five minutes. I came back inside and worked on editing my photos and adding the new ones to my twenty time album so that when it is time for my to work on my slideshow I have all of my photos in one place. Currently I have about 220 photos in my twenty time album, which is a lot considering that this project has only been going on for about 2 months or less. Some of the photos that I have are very similar, so I won’t use both of them in the slideshow. I also have multiple photos from the same day, so I’m not sure if I want all of those to be in the slideshow or if I should just put one from each day. I am really enjoying this project so far, but I want to start using my camera that is not on my phone. I want to get a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera, which are the big cameras that are really good for photography. I think my mom is going to get hers fixed and give it to me for Christmas, but I am really excited to see how the photos vary from my camera phone to my digital camera and also from a DSLR camera. I also have a polaroid camera, but I don’t think that is the best idea for this project. Anyways here are some photos from this week:





Twenty Time 6

Today I really didn’t do that much. I mean I wrote words and all and I expanded the plot some, but it is surprisingly unfulfilling. I still like it, I don’t mean to say I’ve gotten board, but I just feel like there is a better way to write some of the stuff I’m writing. I do like the way I am writing it though so tough if you think there was a better way to say it.

I expanded on Doctor Nells’s character. I made him much more robotic and badass and just a more interesting character. I really like writing for him.

I also introduced two new characters, Curtis James and Howard Newman. they are two operatives for a insurgent party whose name I am still thinking of. It is one of the most pivotal points in the story and I am going to have fun writing the next twenty time. See you then.

Chicken Scaloppine

Yesterday I made Chicken Scaloppine (Chicken with lemon butter sauce and pasta). First my mom bought all go the ingredients from whole foods: chicken breasts, capellini pasta, butter, lemons, white wine, and flour. I started the recipe by boiling a pot of water then adding the pasta. I waited for a few minutes then took it out and drained it. The one mistake I made was forgetting to salt and put oil in the water. The salt raises the temperature of the water so it cooks better (works with some complicated chemistry) and the oil prevents the pasta from sticking together. So after it cooled, I was left with a blob of cooked wheat instead of capellini (angel hair). This was not off to a good start. Next, I washed the chicken breast and dredged it in flour, salt, and pepper. I heated up the pan and added some oil and salted butter, but when I added the chicken nothing happened. I was expecting some explosion of oil of popping of some sort (like the shrimp) but that was not the case. That was a mother mistake. I did not wait long enough for the pan to heat up to the proper temperature. As a result the chicken was not as crispy as it could have been, so I was feeling pretty disappointed. I flipped it over and took it off the heat after I checked that it had stopped bleeding when I probed it with a fork. Finally, I made the sauce by reducing the wine and lemon juice then adding the heavy cream and butter. I put all of the ingredients together and tasted the dish. It was okay. The chicken wasn’t crispy or hot since I had cooke sit before the sauce, the flavor was good. The pasta was also cold, and the sauce was not as good as I was expecting. Overall, I was disappointed. I might try it another time but adding more ingredients to elevated the dish. Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.12.59 PM