Post 7: Sixth Twenty Time Day

Today’s Twenty Time was spent rather unconventionally. My fifty minutes were not actually spent in class, seeing as it was raining and I could find no classrooms to sing in. I spent class time doing homework so I could have enough time at home to spend fifty minutes on singing.

Once again, it took me what felt like ages to find a song to choose, and I was especially conflicted because I wanted to sing an upbeat song. My aunt told me over Thanksgiving break that all the songs I sing are sad, making it seem as if I’m depressed. That is certainly not the message I would like to send to the world, so my search for a song increased in difficulty. I finally settled on I’m Good by the Mowgli’s (I have no idea how to pronounce that). After several takes, I finally had a video I didn’t feel embarrassed about posting on the internet. I also used that song for my Vine post because I had already used up so much of my fifty minutes looking for that one song. My last ten minutes were spent editing the video I posted on YouTube on iMovie.

I hope an upcoming video for one of the next Twenty Time will contain instrumentals that don’t come from my computer. To do that, I hope to collaborate with one of my instrument-playing classmates for another video that contains more than just me.

Here is my most recent YouTube video:

Apple Bread

This Sunday, I made apple bread from I recipe I found on I preheated the oven to 300 degrees and I peeled, cut, and cored two apples. While I was preparing the apples, I was wondering which was more efficient to peel the apples: around in a circle, or up and down in strips? After that I mixed the flour, baking soda and salt together in the larger bowl. I mixed the sugar, oil, eggs, and cinnamon in a smaller bowl that I slowly mixed into the larger bowl. I was confused as to why this recipe did not have any butter but I ignored that until later. I learned that if you whisk the eggs before you mix them into the wet ingredients the bread is supposed to some to fluffier, so I tried that method. I mixed the wet and dry ingredients together and soon realized I had missed a salient detail. I forgot to add the apples. Now I somehow had to figure out how uniformly incorporate a bunch of diced apples into a thick dough-like mixture. I kneaded the apples into the mixture but it certainly was not easy or fun. Due to the extreme viscosity of the dough, I essentially haphazardly shoved apples into different part of the mixture, hoping that there were enough apple pieces in each part. I put the dough in a greased loaf pan and out it in the oven for 1 hour and 30 minutes. I just sat, waited, and prayed that it would come out at least somewhat decently. After a long time waiting, I took it out of its pan and cooled it on the wire rack. The texture was very heavy, so next time I may use less flour and sugar. The taste was fairly one-noted: cinnamon and apple. If I make this again, I will add more fruits, such as bananas or strawberries, and potentially butter just to see what affect that has on the texture and taste.

Post 6

I feel really good about this. However, I don’t feel like I really did anything this time. I did get my character to his eventual destination of the climax, and I did show what that climax is going to be, but I just don’t feel like I’m writing anything really important to the book.I guess the fight scenes make me feel that. I showed what was really going on in the world of this book and I did get Eli to meet his allies; I also did show a little about the way Eli thinks, so yah, I guess I really did so some cool stuff this time.

I feel like you can guess what I did this time based on the last paragraph. Oh yah, I also broke four thousand words. Break out the good champagne. Hah Hah Hah. But seriously that shows I’m making good progress and that means a lot to me. Until next time.

Blog Post 6

The last day 7 our World Literature class had I strung a mid pocket in the same lacrosse head (clutch x). I thought it turned out very nice and I threw with this stick against the wall when I got home and it had a very smooth release. On Wednesday, I strung a high pocket in the same head (clutch x). But since the pocket was so high, when I threw with it the ball hooked onto the shooting strings and it had lots of whip. I don’t want to fix though because thats where all my shooting strings were placed on all 3 heads so I wanted to keep it consistant.

Project: Breakdance #7

Today for 20 time I was able to start training my one-handed handstands. Although during the actual time in class that I was given I did homework, I was then able to practice at home. I was watching some of the most famous Bboys like Hong10 and their best breakdance sets. I was also able to look for better breakdance music to practice to. The music is essential to developing my flow. Once I start hearing beats better and creating beats within beats, my overall dance skills will increase dramatically.

In the next 20 time I will be actually dancing, and hoping to get two consecutive windmills

To Be a Girl at DA // Interview 5 (Liliana Simon)

For my fifth interview, I interviewed the first of some female teachers to be interviewed later on, Liliana Simon. Mrs. Simon teaches Spanish at DA.

PSA: I am changing the format of how I present these responses. I take notes in the words of those I interview, so the responses will be paraphrased from now on, and a little less structured.

  1. How long have you been at DA?
    1. teaching here for 12 years
  2. **Do you remember any experience where you felt empowered as a female?
    1. everyday teaching here, the position of being a teacher at DA, when she goes back home, the fact she continues working even after having kids sets her apart from a lot of her high school friends, sense of independence from husband
      1. (this is a really interesting perspective that I could not have gotten from a student, this is so “real life”, if you know what I mean)
  3. Do you remember any experience where you felt “less than” as a female?
    1. not as a female, maybe as having an accent
      1. (another bias due to cultural difference)
  4. **Do you think DA faculty call on one gender more than the other in class?
    1. she’s heard of a teacher who overdoes female empowerment by only calling on girls
      1. (I often forget that gender bias can go both ways)
  5. How do you feel about the DA dress code?
    1. she’s fine with it, it puts teachers in a bad position, everyone should respect rules regardless so teachers shouldn’t really have to enforce it
  6. Do you feel that women’s sports are treated, viewed or attended any differently than men’s sports at DA?
    1. absolutely, guys sports is more popular, it’s very sad
      1. (shows that even a member of the community not directly related to athletics can recognize the inequality between male and female sports, possibly has to do with what she hears from her students)
  7. **Do you think expectations are any different for females than males at DA?
    1. no, our girls are very strong, DA has cultivated girls to believe that they can do anything that they want (this idea been cultivated since as early as kindergarten)
      1. (interesting concept)
  8. **Do you think, when there is a conflict between students, girls tend to stick up for girls more than guys stick up for guys?

    1. girls stick up more for girls, there’s more support and stronger bonds between girls, “the guy code” isn’t as strong as the girl code
      1. (I like how to the point she was with her response. she does not believe it depends on the circumstance. I think her response has to do with the women who she has surrounded herself with or seen as examples)
  9. Do you think any faculty members or coaches at DA tend to show favoritism toward one sex more than the other.
    1. only heard of one person who favors girls, thinks that most faculty are fair, doesn’t know about coaches
  10. Have females been given equal academic attention at DA in your opinion?
    1. yes
      1. (the response to this one is always a solid yes)
  11. Is sexual harassment and related topics discussed enough at DA?
    1. no, mainly because its not brought up. even though faculty has gone through training on what to do in these situations, the conversations with students about this is weak
      1. (I didn’t know that faculty are given training for this)
  12. What could DA do better to improve equality between the sexes at DA?
    1. more co ed activities, sports, events, she thinks the students are mixed a lot but some are more comfortable being with the opposite sex than others
  13. What does DA do really well to improve the equality between the sexes at DA? 
    1. everything is offered to students, never limitation, or things only for girls or only for boys
  14. ***If you had the choice to be a male instead of a female, would you change? Why?
    1. no, being a woman is amazing, really cool, and even though there is a lot of inequality between women and men in the world, women have more to gain: more insight, more love, more passion. From the point of view as a mom, we’re cooler, it’s more natural for women to show emotion
      1. (this response is so beautiful! having the perspective of a mother is so important when researching and observing women)

Training Session 4


This is a link to a video I made that has clips of a few of the drills I did with Allison and Catherine this fall. I did not train today because the weather was terrible and Allison had other things to do. Unfortunately, I will not see them again until after the break where I will still meet them once every other week until my basketball season ends.

This fall, I have gotten to know Allison and Catherine more and more. I did not have as many trainings as I hoped because of bad weather and basketball, but I feel like the sessions that we did get in were very beneficial to Allison and Catherine as soccer players and to me for my project. The most important thing, however, is that they are having fun with soccer, and they have told me that they have. Before I started training them, they did not know the proper form for shooting the ball and did not know that many moves. However, they were always willing to learn and picked up the skills very quickly. I think that over the few trainings we have had, they have definitely gotten a lot better. This also shows how I am as a coach/teacher. Because I know a lot about soccer, it was fairly easy to explain things to Allison and Catherine. I also felt like I was able to evaluate what they were doing wrong and why, but I could tell when they were doing something right as well. I definitely had a lot of fun this fall doing trainings with Allison and Catherine, and I look forward to seeing them again after break. I also look forward to possibly doing more private lessons with other kids.

Twenty Time #7

Blog Post 7:

I actually got a lot done during this twenty time period. I’ve decided that I might post my story onto a site such as Wattpad sometime in the future, so during this class period, I went back to the original first draft of the first book and I started editing the first 5 chapters, which is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Before I went in and did that, I made a list on Notes of all of the things that I need to do to make this story better and to really get the story to where I want it to be. Some examples of things that I need to do from this list are:

  • Develop the relationship between Alexandria and her father a lot more so that it will make the internal conflict a lot more intense
  • Develop each characters personality a lot more, and show what their personality is, don’t flat out say it. Show, don’t tell.
  • Eliminate a lot of the crying in the second book because Alex’s crying gets really annoying and isn’t true to her character at all. It makes her seem sort of superficial, and it’s obnoxious, so get rid of a lot of it.

There were a lot of other things on the list as well, those are just a few examples. I finally reached chapter 12 in the second book, which was my goal for this week so that’s exciting. The next few chapters are going to be really fun for me to write, and I can’t wait to write the ending of the second book because I’m just so excited for how the book ends, I really love the ending that I came up with.

Blog Post Number 7

Today, December 2, 2015, was our sixth Twenty Time period. I am really happy about this work session because I got a lot accomplished. I created a few more beats by messing around and I really like them. I used the same sound generators that I used in the beat from the last Twenty Time so the new ones would fit the theme. They sound really good. I think after one more Twenty Time of creating beats, I’ll be ready to watch more video tutorials and learn how to edit and distort the sounds. After that, I’ll be ready to combine all of the different beats and edit that. I can’t wait to do this because I really want to hear what the outcome is. Half of the school year is almost over, I will have to work really hard at home and during Twenty Time to make this sound really good.

Twenty Time #7

During this twenty time period in class I studied for a history quiz and organized my schedule for exams.

Since the last twenty time, I worked a lot on learning the guitar and solidified my chord changes even more. I also learned my first strumming pattern that consists of four downbeats per measure. Though this is a very easy pattern to learn by itself, it becomes much harder when you try to play it while changing chords; it is a good one to start with as a beginner. To practice this, I played through some songs including Hound Dog, Three Little Birds, and I Walk The Line many times each. It was fun to finally be able to play a song while strumming an actual beat along with it.

I also realized that I would soon need something called a ‘capo’, and so ordered one online. A capo is a clip that is put onto the strings of a guitar to make changing keys easier, and is necessary to play some songs. I also hope to get a case for the guitar soon.

Throughout the next few weeks I hope to continue to work on changing chords while playing the strumming pattern, and then move onto the next lesson, which is learning the A minor chord.