7th Twenty Time: Photography

Since the last blog post I have taken a lot of pictures. I also have gotten a DSLR camera. It is the Canon Rebel xTI. I have taken quite a few pictures on it, but most of them are blurry or just not very good since I am just getting used to this big bulky camera with multiple settings. I did take some pictures that turned out pretty well, but they were mostly all on automatic settings and I would like to learn how to take really good photos without having all of the settings on auto. I am really enjoying learning how to take photos on my new camera, even though I can’t take a photo on it every day because some days I don’t have enough time and my phone is more accessible for taking pictures. Over winter break I did not take as many photos as I would have liked (which is one photo a day), because I forgot some days. However, there were some days over break where I took a walk and took some photos, but those walks were cut short because it started to rain a lot or it was getting dark. Anyways here are some photos that I have taken (none of them were taken with my DSLR camera because I haven’t put those photos on my computer yet):


FullSizeRender 3



One thought on “7th Twenty Time: Photography

  1. How exciting you got a new camera! I have a feeling once you get the hang of it you’re going to take some amazing photos. I’ve really appreciated the fact that you’re sharing your work on your blog. You have an interesting perspective. Wondering if you’re going to branch out a bit once you get the hang of your new camera? Keep it up!

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