Project: Breakdance #8

I think that I sprained my wrist last week… Uh oh… My freezes are a huge part of my breakdancing that I am trying to improve right now. They require that I put all my weight onto my hurt wrist. Instead, I am working on my top-rocking and getting more simple moves like the arm wave incorporated into my arsenal of top-rocking. I am also looking into popping. I was inspired by this video:

This video showed me how complex popping and locking can be in dance. My arm waves still need work to be like his, but I can see improvement in my own dancing. I practice whenever I can, walking downstairs, walking to dinner, pretty much when I walk everywhere. My whole family thinks I’m weird, but hey, whatever, I’m getting better by practicing with all my time.

My big goal of doing windmills was stalled by my hurt wrist. Hopefully it heals soon.

As for my future goals, I want to make a video of top-rocking like the one above. I think that will be a great starting point. As I am making that video, I hope to continually improve on my windmills.

One thought on “Project: Breakdance #8

  1. It is so much fun watching your videos and the ones you post showing examples of the moves you are working on. Do make sure you post enough – remember, the word minimum is 150,and that’s so that I have a better idea of what you’re up to on your twenty time days, but also it’s a written record for you and what you’ve accomplished during the year. Can’t wait to see more.

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