Twenty Time #9

Lately I have been really on top of my Twenty Time. I have continued doing the front splits twice a day and it helps a lot with my flexibility. I also started doing backbends from a stand to gain back flexibility for back walkovers and back handsprings. For the stunts I can say for sure that I know how to front flip perfectly, even though sometimes I stumble after landing. I have continued working on my aerial, but it seems to be evading me constantly. To do an aerial it takes a lot of power in your legs and height too, so I just do really high dive cartwheels down a hill to practice the motion. I am always watching videos on how to do different stunts, like front aerials (air walkovers), front handsprings, and executing a back full on a trampoline. This helps me a lot with learning as much as I possibly can if I were to teach it to someone else. I haven’t been on my trampoline in about a week because of the ice, so it will be difficult to move onto new tricks and combos. Last weekend I got really impatient with the back tuck and so I did some on a mattress with no bounce and landed some. I was so proud of myself! Now I am not scared to do it, but my parents say that I have to do it in a facility, so this weekend I am hopeful to go to the facility near my house to work on the back tuck, back handspring, front handspring, and aerial. I have recently baked, but not videotaped a yellow cake with chocolate frosting and whipped cream, cream puffs with cinnamon-nutmeg pastry cream, and I did the sugar heating test to learn about the different stages of sugar. The stages of sugar took about a half hour but was really fun because I was practically making candy that looks like glass that I can shape into anything I want. I feel like if I re-did the sugar test it would be a really cool video to put on my channel. Looking back on the videos I have on my channel (which I renamed Culinary Ninja) I see that a lot of work needs to be done, so I am keeping the original videos and re-editing them with music and captions to make them less dry and more entertaining. Then I will work on uploading my other videos that I have left on my desktop.

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