Twenty Time n. 10

My original goal was to make recipes from countries on the 34th parallel. I wanted to experience different cultures through food and cooking. I also wanted to improve my filming skills by filming my cooking process. So far, the roadblocks I’ve hit are that I cannot find a way to transfer my videos from my phone to my computer. I have also lost one video, my biscuit video. I accidentally deleted the footage and now the video on iMovie is not accessible. My successes have been that I have created 6 fully edited cooking videos and they have mostly all turned out well. My filming and editing skills have improved a lot as well. My goal is to produce 10 videos of dishes around the world. I do not think I need to re-evaluate my goals. I am happy about what I have been able to accomplish so far. I am working to make sure that my videos are not boring and engage the audience. I am looking forward to cooking my next dishes and presenting my project.

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