Blog Post Number 9

During this last Twenty Time, I watched a very long YouTube video that lasted about 40 minutes on my phone. It was hard to watch, but it was also very important. In the video, I learned how to alter the pitches of the sounds and beats in various ways. I also learned how to adjust the time and how many beats each note lasted. This was a key part in making the song. You do these thing by going to the panels where you adjust the beats and then dragging a few things around. My idea is to start out in a higher pitch, switch to a lower pitch, and then end with a higher pitch. After I watched that (somewhat boring) video, I had around ten minutes to test this out and screw around with the software. I am not even close fully understanding how this software works. I need to watch a lot more videos and I also need to polish my skills on the things I have already learned. The next Twenty Time I plan on watching a video on how to alter the beats more.

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