Twenty Time #10

Today was the mid-marking time interval for our and I feel a lot better about all, in my opinion, and over the top effort in my project. I am a lot deeper in my front split with my right leg, when everyone in my class found my Instagram with progress in my splits, baking, and trampoline skills they were really impressed. I am trying to keep a level head when uploading videos because there is a lot of deconstructive criticism from my peers. I learned from one one of my classmates that I can still get my thoughts and tips in if I don’t talk, except at the intro when making the video. They said that I should add in voice after making the video so I can never misspeak, and more importantly so my videos are less than 20 minutes, and more like 10 minutes. They said that this will help with how much time and energy I spend on the video.

Currently my main goals are to get my side aerial by the end of April, my back tuck, front handspring and right leg front split by the end of February. Then I would like to have my left leg spilt, backbend, front limber, whipster flip, back step out and back handspring by the end of April. Lastly, I just need at least a cookie bar or brownie, perhaps a truffle because I have to temper chocolate to make truffles, a cake, puff pastry, mousse, ice cream, and other stuff like tartlets with coulis and gastric. I really feel like I have come a long way with this project, I know I want a professional high speed recap of what I’ve done when I finished. I also think that it would be cool if I displayed all the words that I learned about and their meaning to my class when the time comes.

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