Project: Breakdance #10

During this 20 time we discussed our projects with our peers. At my group there was a cooking project and a learning french project.

I discussed with my group about:

My original goals for the project

Roadblocks I’ve hit

Success I’ve had

What I’ve been able to produce so far

What I need to produce

Do I need to re-evaluate my goals

How do I feel about what I’ve accomplished

It was very interesting to discuss these questions. Overall my group rated my commitment to the project a 10/10. My productivity of day 7’s was rated 9/10. My blogging was rated a 9/10. Evidence of project was rated at 9/10. I think these are generally good ratings. I can’t wait to see what else I can do with my project. As I continue, I hope to create more things like videos of me dancing to music. I already have ideas like dancing to other music than breakdancing music, like maybe trap music.


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