Twenty Time #11

Today I worked on editing a video that shows at least half of my progress in Twenty Time. I have been editing this video for about a week now and I plan to put it on the title page of my YouTube channel. My progress and goals for my project have changed a little, mostly because of the addition of sports and gobs of homework I need a plan that will fit my chaotic life. My revised ground trick goals are: front handspring, front limber, backbend, back handspring, back tuck, back step out, a webster flip, a better front tuck and middle split/straddle, more  iMovie use. My trampoline goals are just better and longer combos, stronger endurance while jumping and being efficient with the amount of energy I use in each jump, and a parallel back full. My baking goals are a cake, a mousse (probably a blueberry mousse with lemon coulis inside a tart), a bread, an ice cream, a bar with crust, and puff pastry–which I woulds use to to make croissants. Although it’s true that I haven’t made a lot of recipes more than twice, it’s okay because the main goal was to be able to have a functional YouTube channel and be able to do two of my favorite things and combine them. Which so far I have been able to do, also I have gotten a lot better with iMovie, recently I learned that I can still be entertaining and concise by adding in voice and music after I make the video. Anyway, right now I have to edit and upload all my old videos, then make new tutorials on stuff that I have already been able to do, then I can learn the new stuff.

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