Post 11: Ninth Twenty Time Day

I spent the class time today differently than I have in past Twenty Time days. With the help of fellow classmates and Ms. Wittman, I decided on my Mid-Year Evaluation that I would switch up my project in the way that I would not exclusively sing on my YouTube channel. Instead, I am going to branch out and do different things. Today, I made a list of a bunch of songs and artists that I love right now, and then I made a video discussing them. It was much shorter than I originally anticipated, but it was more fun to make than many of my other singing videos. It ended up more than a rant than anything else, and I don’t know if anyone is going to enjoy watching it, but I had fun, and that counts for something.

I don’t quite know where my project goes from here, but I’m thinking of playing things by ear. I think it might be fun to make a video that revolves around my mood. If I’m feeling the need to sing, I’ll sing. If I want to rant about society, I’ll rant about society. In the description, I’ll write the reasoning behind the day’s particular video. I’m excited!

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