Post 12: Tenth Twenty Time Day

I have reached yet another conclusion after today’s Twenty Time. I went into class without any plan, and I ended up creating a video that I am not particularly proud of. The videography was particularly poor as you cannot see the first half of my face for a large amount of the video, and I did not feel as passionate about what I was speaking about as I did during the last video. To avoid the recreation of the disappointment I experienced today, I created a plan in the time I had left after editing and uploading my video to YouTube. Next Day 7 is going to spent working with Elena on a YouTube video that will include her guitar skills and her voice. In addition, I hope that this video will have a lot more editing involved in it, making it more complex and more fun to make. I plan on using Elena’s love and skill for editing film (that I didn’t know existed before today) to my advantage. I am beginning to feel excited again!

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