Twenty time n.12

For my next twenty time, I will be making vegetable noodle soup. This dish is from Iran/Persia. There are many ingredients in this recipe because I will be making the broth, the noodles, and preparing the vegetables for the soup. This recipe takes one hour and thirty five minutes to prepare. I was originally going to make roasted pears with basil ice cream from Iran, but as I was looking through the recipe, I realized that there were many ingredients that I would not be able to get. My most recent recipe that I made was Yalanchi, from Iraq. The dish was rice stuffed tomatoes. My filming experience was a little worse than normal because I forgot to film some important steps in the cooking process. Hopefully this won’t affect the video very much, because the dish turned out very well. The combination of sweetness from the pine nuts and cinnamon contrasted to the freshness of the tomato and onions was very good.

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