Twenty Time #12

Today I edited my Italian Meringue Buttercream video and I am still working on it finishing and uploading it. I feel like my viewers on YouTube should know how I make buttercream, being that I use it very often. I also need to upload my Orange Chocolate Cupcake video to YouTube and I will be uploading some sort of baking video this weekend. I have still been working on my right front leg split and once I get, I will move onto middle splits, straddles, and left leg front splits; which should be easier because I will be more flexible. Honestly, I feel as if splits and training flexibility have taken over what I am trying to do on the agile part about my project; that’s why I need my splits soon, so I can move on. This is really evident in my tricking, I can still do a front flip, but I haven’t worked on since October; which is really bad. I also haven’t been on the trampoline in over two weeks, which is even worse. Some future goals that I will work on or at least attempt are: croissants because I feel it’s important to work with puff pastry and make it on my own, cake because I want to make roses out of buttercream for it and I need to know how to make cake to be called a baker, my final video that will demonstrate skills I have developed and learned, some kind of bar with a shortbread crust, a mousse which could be inside the cake, brownies with chocolate ganache and buttercream, bread, and an ice cream that is Spring related. My agility goals have changed because reality always catches up to me after I realize I am over-extending myself: standing back tuck on ground but without combinations, an improved front tuck on ground, front layout on trampoline, developing combos on trampoline, front and middle splits or close to middle split because they are extremely difficult, a side aerial, and a front handspring. Various drills like handstands, donkey kicks, hurdles, tuck jumps, and splits have helped me a lot with my agility part, but the baking part is hard to say. Due to the limited amount of ingredients and time I have, I never really master making all of these desserts, so most of these I only make once. My undecided final goal for baking is going to probably be a cake or something like that. Some quick things that I can do in between all of these are some recipes my mom used to make when she was little with her mom. Things like popcorn balls with caramel, caramel apples, and stuff like that. I also want to get colorful, so next time I make a cupcake I am going to make a bi-color swirl frosting, in addition I will color sugar with food coloring and place the sugar in the cupcake and add pockets in the batter and fold it different food colorings. I also will make sugar glass for the second time, and color it by coloring the sugar first. Therefore, once this project ends I hope that I can continue on learning new skills, after all my frosting skills still need a lot of work, and I am eager to learn new skills with the balance of my mentors: my mom, and Wilton Cakes on YouTube.

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