Post 13: Eleventh Twenty Time Day

I spent today’s Twenty Time in one of the sound proof rooms next to Mr. Bohanek and Mr. Meyer’s rooms. Elena and I worked on a video, and I think it reestablished a bit of the interest I had in music and singing. We recorded several times, and she is going to edit the it within the next two days. I’m kind of excited to see the final thing. It should be uploaded in the next couple of days. Did you know that not only can Elena sing and play guitar (her Twenty Time project is becoming impressive), but she also loves to edit videos! Who knew anyone actually enjoyed that kind of a thing? I really hope to use her knowledge and talent even more in the future, even if it is just to help me edit videos in a different way. I think I want to change my Twenty Time project once again to try something new. I want to work more with editing videos and making them more complex. For example, I could make a video out of many different takes with different people. I don’t really know what I’m talking about, so I think I am going to use the knowledge of my classmates to help me. They are all very talented. I don’t know if I should get a camera or if I could use one of Mr. Haynes’s. Next Twenty Time might just be all about gathering information. I am going to have to think on it.

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