Twenty Time #13

Today I worked on editing my progress videos for my Twenty Time. Currently, each video is about five minutes long. I have a bloopers video, a tricking and trampoline video, and I’m working on a baking video. I should be done with all three by Friday because I am mostly experimenting with fast motion and different music for the background noise. Some goals for the end of the year are: getting out of my boot because I haven’t been on the trampoline in over month, back tuck on the ground, a back handspring on the ground, 10 back tucks in a row on the trampoline, one more subscriber to my YouTube channel, a side aerial (not mastered, but at least one decent one), backbend from stand, back walkover, front walkover, front handspring, and right leg front split. I have been able to still do some flexibility training, because two of them are my goals. I have worked on my right leg front split, middle split, and a walking backbend. A walking backbend is when someone is too afraid to fall backwards and catch yourself with your hands, making a bridge/wheel stretch, essentially the person stands in front of a wall and walks their hands down the wall and onto the ground. Since my back is not flexible I try to go a little further into my backbend every day to avoid injury. As far as my splits go, my front splits help me with my middle splits, but I think if I improve my straddle also, then I will be able to be better at all of the splits. Recently I have found a good video on YouTube that helps me with middle and straddle splits, which can also help with my front splits. All in all, I think not all these goals will be met, but I will try to have better splits and a back tuck and a side aerial at least.

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