Twenty time n.13

Recently,  I have not made many dishes. This is because my house is under renovation and my kitchen is not easily accessible. I am hoping to make my next dish next weekend because is it the weekend of spring break and hopefully my kitchen will be ready for me to cook in it again. Since I am not able to cook for a while, I will be focusing on editing my videos. All my videos are edited already, but there are some finishing touches that I would like to add. My videos are on average 2-3 minutes long, which I think is pretty good considering that the recipe can take up to two hours to make. My goal is to make the videos interesting and entertaining for the audience to watch. To do this, I am speeding up to footage so it is less long. I am also adding titles to each video clip, showing what ingredients are needed. Once the video is fully edited, I add background music that is fun and upbeat.

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