Twenty Time #14

Today I worked on my trampoline progression video, and I am really excited to get out of my boot. Hopefully on Monday night I get to start my tricking again, after about 2 months without the trampoline. I still want to to make a trampoline aerial tutorial, and a double back full video. The aerial video should be very easy to do, but doing the double back full is going to be really hard to make a video on. Twisting backflips in general have always been hard for me because they  take so much concentration and form. When I accidentally do them, I am not flat, I’m curled up. Once I master a double back full that consists of two rotations and a layout, then I will be ready to make a video. My plan to do this is to practice layouts for a long time, then move on to jumping backwards while twisting. I think when I am ready that I can put these prerequisites together and complete at least one flat rotation. Other than that, I want to learn how to do double back flips and double front flips and maybe double side flips. Out of these three, I want to do double backflips the most, but they are so hard and terrifying to attempt. As always some goals besides the ones above: backbend from a stand, standing back tuck, side aerial, and front  handspring. I have decided to not pursue back walkovers and front walkovers because they require a lot of core strength and I might need to improve this. I know this because I attempted both at the beach which has soft sand and my mom spotted me. When I go into a handstand, I need to hold the handstand and slowly slide into a split and start leaning one leg onto the ground. To do this I need to learn a split handstand, a backbend, and I also need to be able to hold a handstand for at least 30 seconds. Since I don’t have a flexible back, it will be physically impossible to do any walkover. I think by the time I get my backbend, the project will be over, but I can do it on my own time. As far as my baking, I still truly haven’t mastered any recipes, but one of my goals of the project was to make different types of food, so it doesn’t really matter if I have mastered it, as long as I know what to do and what not to do the next time I make it. I still need to make a cake and a mousse. I am making a vanilla chiffon sponge cake this weekend and I am really excited to re unite with my kitchen after two weeks. My cake will be easter themed, so I am going to try not to do anything like buttercream roses, but I would like to be able to make flowers before I finish this project. My cake will have royal icing (new recipe) that will be dyed orange to look like a carrot and green to look like the carrot’s head, to do this I will learn a new skill called stenciling, in short I print out a picture of a carrot and outline it in royal icing. My cake will also consist of pastry cream, vanilla buttercream dyed pink, yellow, and grass green, and a few smaller decorations made out of buttercream and sugar glass. I am going to try to make each element of the cake on separate days so I can have it all ready for Easter this Sunday. Moving into my flexibility unit, I am now realizing that splits are easier, I am not lying when I say I am inches from touching the floor. I hope to be able to do a right front split by the end of March. Lastly I just wanted to say that even though not all videos have been posted, I bake about once a week or once every two weeks.

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