Twenty time n.14

Last weekend, I remade the North Carolina buttermilk biscuit video. That dish was the first dish I ever made for this project. The old video that I made was deleted from the iMovie app because I had accidentally deleted the clips on my camera roll. I re-filmed using the same recipe. I dish was easy and fast to make, it took a total of about forty five minutes. The biscuits were plain, meaning I did not add any spices or parmesan. I first started by mixing the dry ingredients. They consisted of flour, salt, baking soda, ect. Then, I crumbled butter with my hands and added it to the dry ingredients. I mixed until the dough was a corse meal. I finally added the buttermilk and put the biscuits in the oven. The biscuits tasted good in the end, but they were a little plain for my liking. This is just a contrast from all the other flavorful dished I have made in the past.

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