Twenty Time #17

Since last twenty time I accomplished quite a bit. I started doing the lessons again, and learned the A7, D7, and E7 chords. These chords were pretty easy because they only involved 2-3 fingers to play, so I learned them pretty quickly. The next lesson after that was about sharp and flat notes, which I already knew a lot about from playing the piano. I did learn, however, how to find and pluck any note on the strings of the guitar, which a very helpful thing to know. With the E string for example, every fret you move up goes up a semi-tone, or half a step, so at the second fret you would be at an F note. In this way you can find any note on any string.

Next I continued finding chords to Silent Voice, which really helped me solidify the F chord. It is definitely a hard chord, but it sounds awesome when played right. Once I had gotten the chords to the first half of the song, I started playing along with the music, which was a lot of fun. I ended up playing along with a few other songs as well, and found it really helped me to improve my rhythm.

I do not think I will have time to make the compilation of songs I wanted to do for a final project as I had originally planned, so I will most likely make that a long term project for me in the future. Instead I just want to record me playing a little bit, and then make a PowerPoint on my accomplishments and struggles.

Training 8 Season 2

On Wednesday, I only trained Allison again because Catherine has swimming. For this training session, I let Allison decide what to do, and I would just run the drills. First, we did the foot-skill drills and juggling. She got the highest score that she has ever gotten in juggling, which is seven. She is also continuing to improve in her foot-skills. Second, Allison wanted to do trapping out of the air. I threw her the ball and she trapped it with the top of her foot, the inside of her foot, or her chest, and then passed the ball back to me. From the first time that we started trapping and volleying, she has improved a lot. After trapping, Allison wanted to do one touch passing. Allison was already very skilled at passing before I started training her, but she is still always getting better. After passing, she wanted to cross and finish. So, we alternated who was the crosser and who was the finisher, and did three each on each side. I think that if we do more crossing then we should move to a bigger space but from what I could see on the small field is that she knows how to find someone on the run and get the ball to them. Her finishing is very good as well. Hopefully Catherine can be there next time and I am excited to train them again!


Hey y”all. Didn’t do anything special today, just worked on the story more. I’m almost finished. I got twenty five pages and over 10,000 words. That’s right, I broke the ten thousand word line today. That really makes me feel goo about this, if nothing else about how much time and effort I have put into this. It’s just so satisfying.

The ending got a little crazy and weird, but I still think it fits with the story. I mean, what do people want to read if not something that seems straightforward only to get confusing at the end. The antagonist of the story only exists for like a page, but she makes such an impression that you can almost sense her on every other page.

This has been a lot of work but I have really enjoyed the entire process. I think that writing a book is something I might want to do again. It was a lot of work, but it was so worth it.

To Be a Girl at DA // Things are happening!!!

Hello, my dedicated readers! Yesterday during the Twenty Time period and today during tutorial I made some serious progress on my sculpture/structure thingy. To reiterate, Mrs. G-B is the bomb. She has taught me how to use so many tools and countless techniques that I’m sure will be useful at some point in my life. We attached the two rings together with pegs, wood glue, and screws. This part will eventually be the top, circular part of the female symbol. Also, my super helpful mom went to some craft store and got wooden notecards, which is how I have decided to present my information. I drilled holes in the top of each one and tied string through it. (These will hang on/around the cross part near the bottom of the structure.) I have yet to write the responses on the wooden cards but I’m planning on it this weekend! I’m pretty sure this was the last designated twenty time period so I’m definitely going to have to come in a lot during lunches and tutorials, but I think it’s worth it because I’m super excited for this to be put together and completed!

Nonprofit Website #17

While I missed class today due to an orthodontist appointment, I was able to make up the lost class time at home. After school, I added some images to the site that my dad had sent me, and I fine-tuned the blog some more. One of the things I am working on now is trying to change the settings for my blog to allow some people (members of the nonprofit) to post and comment, but not random viewers. I did not quite get this fixed, but I did learn that I could make every member of the nonprofit an administrator and thus give them access to the site. As the company expands, I am not sure this is the best solution but it will work for now. Additionally, I finished polishing up the site structure and navigation layout for the entire website; it should now update dynamically whenever new pages or content is added. This will save me a lot of work in the future.

Website development is a lot like the old iceberg analogy: While the tip seems beautiful amazing, all the real work happens underneath the surface. Today was an “under the surface” kind of day and the front page still is a bit of a jumbled mess. However, now that I have gotten most of the difficult work out of the way, I am getting closer to the finished product.

Post 17: Fifteenth Twenty Time

I was finally able to finish up the No Doubt video, and I am relatively pleased with it. It seems like a really good way to end my Twenty Time project. I eventually discovered that iMovie has its own sound effects, so I could have easily just used them to creatively add background music. I did end up using one of them several times, but honestly, the order and frequency of the background percussion is almost entirely random. I just added a sound where it seemed a sound was needed. If I knew more about music, maybe I would have been able to compose some really cool song out of my singing and other YouTube videos like my inspiration, Kutiman. Here is one of his videos, if you are looking to feel wonderful today.

Towards the end of the class period, I rushed the video making, so isn’t exactly what I wanted, but I am still proud that I decided to step out of my comfort zone.

Twenty Time #15

This week I began to look more into sugar crafting, which is an art in itself. Candy makers sure do know way more about tempering and coloring than anyone else in the pastry industry. I have done work with sugar before, but what I plan to do this weekend is do what this candy maker taught me how to do. I am going to go through all the sugar stages, now it’s true that with the addition of corn syrup you can make lollipops, which I did last weekend, but I have done what I am going to do this weekend before. Still I am working with 325 degrees of danger. Sugar stages are so much fun and very fascinating, essentially it’s double the sugar to one half of water, so if I used a cup of sugar, I would need a half cup of water. Essentially you stir these two ingredients over medium heat in a large saucepan until it boils, once it boils this is where most people mess things up, the sugar will re-crystallize forming rock candy once it reaches the caramel stage (320 degrees Fahrenheit). I have done this before on accident and it is tasty but in general letting the sugar re-crystallize is very bad for most projects with sugar and candy making. To prevent re-crystallization you must stop stirring once it boils and you can cover the saucepan with a lid and the natural condensation will wash down the sides of your saucepan which will in turn prevent re-crystallization. Or you can go the traditional method which is just taking a pastry brush dipped in cold water and washing down the sides of the pan. After your sugar boils and you have prevented re-crystallization multiple times at 234 degrees Fahrenheit your sugar will meet it’s first stage (keep in mind the beginning stages the water content is very high and in the higher stages the content is very low). The thread stage will occur first and you can’t make spun sugar or cotton candy with this but you can make gooey delicious sugar threads by simply spinning it. After thread stage comes soft ball, medium ball, hardball, soft crack, hard crack, and then finally the caramel stage. You can do all of these without a candy thermometer just by dropping a spoonful of the syrup into a bowl with cold water and then if necessary pinch the sugar to see if it is at softball stage, medium ball, or if it is slightly malleable in hardball and soft crack stage. Once your reach hard crack and caramel stage you can’t bend your sugar. I hope you try this fun and simple recipe, and I will be going through all the stages this weekend and maybe try my hand at cotton candy or sugar glass too! As far as agility goes I get to go on the trampoline this Sunday, I am really nervous to go on it because of my leg and the fact that I haven’t jumped on it in four months might mean I will have some brushing up on basic skills to do. My dive cartwheels (pre-side aerials) have been going well and I did execute a front-handspring last weekend but my legs were not straight at all and the landing wasn’t it’s best. I can nearly almost do a split which is exciting and after that I can work on walkovers which will probably have to happen at the end of June because I can’t hold a handstand for very long.

Twenty Time #17

Today started out on a sour note. I didn’t get the responses back from Coach K today. Although there was some sad news, there was also some good news which was that I decided to have one last interview! This last interview is going to be for Coach Nate James, a former college basketball player at Duke and now an assistant coach at Duke. I am excited about finishing this interview because it will give me all the perspectives from the Duke basketball coaching staff who all know everything there is to know about college basketball. By doing this I will finally get the chance to work on my final product and start gathering the information like I have previously done. Some of the questions I asked Coach James are the following: From a players perspective what did you do to distance yourself from other basketball players? Meaning what was distinctive about you that made you different from other players to college coaches? In my opinion I feel these are the most important questions because they really get the coaches/players to think about what they did to make it to the ultimate level of Division 1 college basketball. Lastly for my next twenty time I will hopefully have 2 interview responses to share and blog about. Also these will be my last two interview answers and I will finally get to blog about my final product. 

Post n.17

This weekend, I made Iranian walnut cookies. They are a staple in Iranian cooking. They are simple, easy, and quick to make. The cookies consist of ground walnuts, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and egg yolks. As you can see, there are very few ingredients in this cookie. The first step to making the cookies was to whisk the powdered sugar and the egg yolks until the mixture became creamy and light colored. I then added the vanilla extract and mixed well. Next, I grounded walnuts into a course meal in a good processor. I then added the walnuts into the egg mixture and folded it in. I put teaspoon sized cookies onto a baking pan and baked the cookies for about twenty minutes. The cookies turned out hard on the outside and soft and chewy in the inside. They tasted a little strange. They were not very sweet or flavorful. I think that they were strange to me because I was not used to their taste. However, I can definitely see how they are a staple in Iranian cooking.

Blog Post 17

Today during school I went around and ask a few people who I thought were good candidates for my project. I first went and asked my three friends Alex Hoffman, Noah Cox, and Michael Savarino to participate in my project and learn how to string a certain type of pocket on a lacrosse stick. They declined my offer so I then asked my friends on the DA mens lacrosse team. I asked three friends and they said they would do it. I asked Dan Clifford, Spencer Sapir, and Jack Mishra. Dan and Spencer are both freshman and Jack is a senior. All three of these guys have played lacrosse for a good amount of time in their lives but still don’t know how to string a stick. So I want them to watch my video and learn how to string a lacrosse stick. What I plan to do in the future is just record them stringing a lacrosse stick anywhere.