Twenty Time #14

Today I brought in chocolate cookies that my grandmother used to make me into my class. I topped them off with seven-minute frosting hats, which I just figured out how to make. Essentially it is combining ingredients to a stage that when they whip together at that heat that they form a sweet, sticky, fluffy cloud of deliciousness. I think I have found the quickest vanilla frosting or frosting to add extracts too. Still there is much to be experimented with, like chocolate ganache frosting and other stuff. Still, I was very proud that I made such an enjoyable treat for everyone. On that note, today I worked on editing more on my trampoline progress video. Sadly I am unable to continue my agility part of the project because I have a leg injury that won’t allow me to do any flips or compact jumps. Although there is a slight chance that I can continue doing less difficult tricks on the trampoline. So basically know I have changed from “Culinary Ninja” to “Just another Foodie” or something along that lines. Jumping on the trampoline and ground tricks were really fun but I need to let my leg heal in order to do it later, but I will continue tricking and trampoline jumping one day. Still, I can do a dive roll, which a diving somersault used in vaulting, and I can do a dive roll into a flip. Essentially I run and execute the dive roll, then I am on the ground with my knee up and I push up off my back leg, which brings my body over into a front flip, even though I land on my butt, it still amazes me that I can even do it with my leg injury and be totally fine. For now the last main unit I have to do is cake, most likely it will be my birthday cake: most likely chocolate with ganache frosting and seven minute frosting. I will also do a mousse unit which will most likely be a mousse tart or tartlets, probably blueberry mousse with lemon curd whipped cream. Onto flexibility: I am still really really close to getting my right front split but I need at least until my birthday to get it, so the end of April. I can sit in an “almost” split, but I can’t just push my hips down, sadly splits don’t work like that. Once I do, I can move onto backbend from a stand and left leg splits. As far as the deadline of the project, I have made progression videos for some of my videos, but they are really long, so I can mash them together into a shorter video or I can just bring in food and do a split or something like that. The point is I always have something to fall back  on when I go to present my project. Which is food.

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