Post 15: Thirteenth Twenty Day

I am still not done with the video I started last Twenty Time, and I am not very close to getting it done. Today I attempting to film rhythmic snapping to the music, but I was deterred by several factors. First, my singing is not to any particular beat, so the beat changes throughout the song, making it rather difficult to make a small clip of snapping that can duplicated to fit the entire song. If I were to try and do it any other way, however, it would probably take hours. As you know, I do not have hours. I have fifty minutes every day 7. In addition, recreating the idea of snapping to a blank white background was complicated to say the least. I ended up settling for the lined wall outside of Kenan Auditorium to the snapping of Kaynaz. I am not sure I will even use that clip because the snapping doesn’t line up with the entirety of the song. I am thinking that it might be a smart idea to continue editing and creating this video until the end of the Twenty Time project. That way, I really can have hours in the sense that the fifty minutes each day 7 will accumulate. So far, I have so much to thank Elena for, as she has helped me deal with and  understand editing videos with her expertise.

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