Twenty Time #14

Today I did some essential editing to my progression video. It is now two minutes and 30 seconds, which is going to make my presentation easier, so then I can talk for half of the time about what my project is instead of letting the video show the entire thing. This weekend was packed with baking, I made coconut brittle, and learned that brittle is really just caramel stage sugar with butter mixed in. I also made Challah, a well-known Jewish bread, and I attempted the hardest knotting version. Challah is one of the nicest looking breads around, and their are four other versions to braid, pack, and fold this bread. I also made seventy mini peanut butter cookies for the middle school bake sale and Young Life Club, but the Young Life club ate all of my cookies, and my friends and I polished off the coconut l brittle and the Challah. So all in all an exciting weekend. I have made some final plans, since my leg is still a problem, meaning I can’t jump on the trampoline still, or do any compact jumps. I did do some side aerial and webster flip training this weekend, and put in a solid 2 hours on that. After that I knew that my leg wasn’t ready to do anything like that for at least three weeks. The last main thing that I will make for my project is going to be at the beginning of May, I am going to plan it out and take multiple steps and breaks to ensure nothing major goes wrong like last time I made a cake. My cake is most likely going to be a peanut butter chocolate and pretzel layer cake with recess cups and chocolate frosting and peanut butter buttercream bi-colored swirls with peanuts and pretzels to garnish. I have decided to just do what I can as far as agility goes, and if I don’t get my split by the end of the project, I will still keep stretching because the bigger you are the harder it is for all of your leg and thigh muscles to stretch.

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