Post 17: Fifteenth Twenty Time

I was finally able to finish up the No Doubt video, and I am relatively pleased with it. It seems like a really good way to end my Twenty Time project. I eventually discovered that iMovie has its own sound effects, so I could have easily just used them to creatively add background music. I did end up using one of them several times, but honestly, the order and frequency of the background percussion is almost entirely random. I just added a sound where it seemed a sound was needed. If I knew more about music, maybe I would have been able to compose some really cool song out of my singing and other YouTube videos like my inspiration, Kutiman. Here is one of his videos, if you are looking to feel wonderful today.

Towards the end of the class period, I rushed the video making, so isn’t exactly what I wanted, but I am still proud that I decided to step out of my comfort zone.

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