15th Twenty Time: Photography

Last week I categorized some of my photos into categories given by the presentation I found on VSCO called “12 Tips on Photographing the Everyday”. I only got through half of the categories, so below I will place more in the rest of the categories. The categories left are: create the unexpected, abstractions, grotesque, strange occurrences, lines, and shape and form. In the category, create the unexpected, I have not really taken many photos. For most of the photos I have taken, I have not really altered the environment to take photos. There is one photo in which I have done this and it isn’t one of my favorites and its kind of weird:


I am not sure if I have any photos that fit in the abstractions category, but these three below are the closest things that I can think of:

IMG_6645 IMG_6586


For grotesque I definitely don’t have any photos for this category. As of this moment I am mastering photos of what most people would consider to be pretty things, and I think I to master those before being able to take a photo of something ‘ugly’ and make it look good. The closest thing I have to this is the photo I took of the dirty pool of water in the parking lot, but I had to put a black and white filter on it to make it pleasing to the eye.


Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

The same goes for strange occurrences, I don’t think that I have many photos of strange occurrences. This is due to the fact that usually when I see something weird, I don’t try to take a really cool photo of it, but more of a photo to show someone and say “hey look how weird this is”. I hope that I will continue to improve with taking photos of things that are odd or not necessarily pleasing to the eye as I continue to improve as a photographer. For the category lines, I have a lot of photos:

IMG_7666 IMG_6617IMG_6572IMG_6796 (1)

IMG_0982 IMG_1090

For the last category, shape and form, I have a couple photos:




I have really enjoyed this project and I hope to continue this after the project is over.


Editing Videos

This week I edited my videos from when I made red velvet cupcakes. This was my final goal for my project. Originally I wanted to make my own recipe for a dish but it changed to trying to make two versions of the same type of food (cupcakes). The videos I filmed showed the baking process for both regular and vegan cupcakes. They are different styles of videos. The first one includes my commentary and then I speed through the parts without dialogue. This helps my build my presentation skills and confidence in baking. The second video was a sped up video that just included captions of the process. This is more of a quick instructional video that is more engaging for viewers. (I have added the links to these videos to the corresponding posts.) Editing was harder for the first video since I had to adjust audio and split clip and decide which parts I wanted to cut or keep. There was less of this in the second edit. I wanted to make sure I filmed these because this was my final product for the year. I plan to make these two recipes again and bring them to class to show others what skills I have a acquired and what goals I have met during the year. It also gives me a chance to improve on the recipes by adjusting the amounts of the wet ingredients in the vegan cupcakes and figure out how to make the regular red velvet cupcakes stay moist on the second day (which is almost making my own recipe).

#17 …Last Twenty Time

It’s a little pathetic that the only thing that compelled me to step into my music room yesterday was to practice my orchestra music, which I was performing at a concert that same day. I kind of practiced the piano and violin simultaneously to make sure I really knew a phrase from Max Bruch’s Violin Concerto no. 1 in G minor. After doing that as a sort of warm up, I did focus on Love Story. That morning my YouTube searches had lead me from Anastasia’s Once Upon a December to Chopin’s Spring Waltz to Love Story in the style of Beethoven. I had noticed that the Chopin piece had a similar accompaniment as Love Story, which, in addition to Beethoven’s Love Story with lots of falls and drums, inspired me to get practicing the piece on my own piano. Because this is the final Twenty Time, I have decided there is no way that I could ever get the chords right anytime soon, so if I decide to play the piece during my presentation, I will just play the top notes.


Above is the insanely difficult Bruch part (probably because I didn’t actually practice until two weeks before the concert). But if you look at the four-measure phrase starting at the poco piu vivace, it does somewhat resemble hell.