Post 18: Final Reflection

I learned a lot from my experience with my Twenty Time project. First, I gained a small amount of responsibility from setting up my own singing lessons. It jump started me into making all of my appointments. Secondly, I learned a lot about  what I’m truly interested in. Sometimes you need to try something and hate it to know what you really enjoy. The most challenging aspect of my Twenty Time project was definitely getting myself to enjoy the experience. It was also hard to motivate myself because of how much I didn’t enjoy it. Throughout the project, I also learned that I will not keep up with something and commit solid amounts of time to things that I do not enjoy. Also, basing your interests on the interests of people you admire will never work out the way you intend it to. Out of everything, I am most proud that I was able to set up my own singing lessons, and that I have continued to maintain that part of responsibility in my life even after I quit the lessons. From that particular success, I learned that things can be done to your liking more if you do it yourself. From my general failure of not having fun with the project, I learned how to choose projects and how I would most enjoy spending my free time. I definitely do not think I will forget how terrible it can be to base a choice on anything other than my own preference. If Ms. Wittman had given more examples of previous Twenty Time projects at the beginning of the year, particularly projects based on service, maybe I would have been able to make a better choice.

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